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Dan NoReg
XF-CC Founder; Volunteer Diplomat
XF-CC Founder; Volunteer Diplomat


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Rain isn't stopping our First Saturday. We will all just battle this one portal till measurement lmao

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Congratulations to everyone who earned their Guardian badge! Moving forward, it looks like things will be much easier to rise above!

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The mural sure looks nice early spring!

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A little more about the XFCC founders 😊
Many of you may have heard of the cross faction organization XFCC. Maybe you have seen them at anomalies, or other Ingress events. Who are they? What do they do? Today we bring you an interview with XFCC founders and get answers to all those questions.

What are your agent names, where do you play, and how long have you played for?

DannoReg : L16 Portland OR Since beta

Vaximily : L15 Portland Metro January 2013

BlastinBlossom : L14 Portland metro Jan 23rd of the first year of BETA

MsDiabla (JT) : Portland OR December 14, 2012.

How and when did you meet each other?

Danno: We met each other at a non ingress related summer party. MsDiabla, who at the time was Enl was very much xfac before the rest of us and brought Danno along. Danno and Vaximily had similar experiences in the game (which was just starting year 1) and came to an agreement that Portland needed a xfac community. We started building it immediately afterwards.

Vax: A long, long time ago… In a Galaxy far FAR away… I met Jeanna and Danno early on. I don’t actually remember the specific occasions for FIRST meeting, but I certainly remember the first “AH-HA” moment where each became a focal point in my life…fondly. But those are stories for another day. Aura, I met in June 2014 at Interitus Jacksonville (Florida) where I was visiting my father and attending the anomaly on vacation. 3 days shy of 1 year later, she arrived in Oregon. The rest, as they say - is history.

JT: This is a fun one because everyone ties into my life and how I met my BF Marshall in such fun ways. Hope you can keep up, here goes. I met Trey through my friend JB. JBactually started playing Ingress because his friend Marshall recommended it. I met Danno at I think a Fort Vancouver Farm, after I had volunteered with Derek to chase a link up in Cathlamet. I then ended up in a smaller offshoot group Danno had started, and Marshall was also in it. So I then met my BF through Danno, even though I had heard all about him from my friend JB, who had introduced me to Trey. One year I went to New Orleans for the Ingress 2 year Anniversary/anomaly/my birthday. When there I met Aura. She posted a picture of me in a chat, and Trey saw it, and messaged her that he knew me. And then they started talking. Small world's.

Vax: To clarify, Aura actually sent me that picture (which contained a number of other notable Ingress celebrities) in a hangouts message, because she had met one of my friends (JT) from Portland… that I didn’t see until well over 12 hours later due to having broken up with my girlfriend that night and going out with friends. Fate.

Aura: I met Trey at the Interitus Jax anomaly. JT at Darsana NOLA Danno at Persepolis PDX. How? was at an anomaly. . . . Like band camp, right?

When did your relationship changed from foes to friends?

Danno: We're never actually foes to begin with. Danno and Vaximily hadn't met before in game or out. BB had just moved to Portland. And MsDiabla was already xfac before it was even cool. This was back in beta. She got so much shit for it. Especially in our local area. The politics here are very heavy.

JT: Like Danno said, I've always been all about cross faction. I've had friendships on both teams since I started playing and have never understood the animosity between teams. It's all about having fun and new experiences to me. Even when blowing up the other teams stuff, I always tried to make it fun with light-hearted banter or jokes in comms.

*Aura: we were never foes. Instant friends!

Where this idea of a Cross-Faction Communications Project come from?

Danno: Honestly, the inspiration was fueled by lots of weed. It was a typical “why do we need to hate each other” kind of conversation. We knew there was a better way and decided to shoot for it. But we didn't know how popular it would become.

JT: What Danno said.

Aura: in my hometown (back in Florida). XF was a struggle. Meeting open-minded people wanting to make a difference got me motivated.

Did you expect a certain reaction from the other players? And what actually was the reaction?

Danno: We expected shade, and lots of it. And it came… in droves. But we had a secret support team that kept us motivated and allowed us to use their network to reach outside of our local aop. They wish to remain anonymous. They don't play anymore, but at the time they provided much needed levity when we were facing criticism. Locally, the reaction was absurd. Most thought it was just a flash in the pan, but when they saw we were serious they went about alienating us from the local communities. They settled on seeing us as illegitimate. Even today when asked by new agents they refer to themselves as “the community” and us as a bastard cousin to ingress. It was discouraging at first. But now we find it quite funny.

JT: We definitely expected people to try to throw crap at us. A lot of the beginning days of XF-CC was spent trying to help people understand that this isn't ‘the’ community for xfac, or a community for everyone. We are simply a community 'option’ so to speak. I didn't realize how huge it would grow, but I knew we would build a community. So many people at the time were just looking for a fun and fresh option. We were offering somatures from Joe Philley, Klue, Portalyst, and a handful of other notable agents. It was placed on display in a park here in Portland OR, and eventually became a portal and a Pokemon gym.

Aura: at first there was scepticism from my own faction, however . . . Over time other players started to warm up to the idea.

What is your favourite song?

Danno: Comfort Eagle, Cake is the unofficial song of xfcc. We have a Spotify playlist curated by members from all over the world with more interesting tunes.

JT: Oh gawdz. So I just learned from the Google music desktop site you can view your most played songs. My top played song: Mad World by Adam Lambert.

Aura: Don't fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

And which radio is your favourite?

Danno: Radio? Personally I stream everything from YouTube music. Even in my car.

JT: They took our metal/hard rock station off air years ago. I don't listen to the Radio. I use Google Music for everything. Music and podcasts.

Aura: My current Pandora jam is the Guardians of the Galaxy sound track

When did this project start to expand outside your country?

Mexico was our first country to join up. Jan 1st, 2016

What if i wanted to star and xfcc in my country? What should i do?

Contact Danno (@dannoreg) and ask to begin the process. There's some vetting, and you should choose a counterpart before you start.

Any social oriented project?

JT: We do meet ups during all the anomalies mostly. We have done community service stuff in the past. The fun part about being so many people in so many places is everyone gets the chance to contribute if they have ideas, and we try to back them up as much as possible.

Did you did any field art or produced any gadgets together?

We make lots of swag. I mean LOTS of it. But xfcc isn't so much organized from the top down like other communities. Agents take their own initiative and many have indeed created xfac field art. We have many examples in our G+ page.
Story, this was the very first xfac field art I ever took part in. Check it out!

JT: I haven't done any Xfac field art myself. Oooh! I did organize blue fields while I was still a toad though. A local XF-CC Res player helped me get some Res players in California to field over the hospital where my best friend Vanessa (also Res), had just had her baby son! That was fun.
There was XF Joe Philley memorial artwork all over the world.

Was there something/someone/ any comments, events or reaction that surprised you about this idea?

The first event we ever promoted at was Persepolis in Portland OR. We had a signature board and invited agents to sign it with an agent from the other team. The amount of signatures we received was modest, but the response, especially from Niantic, was very encouraging. It solidified our theory that xfac was needed in Ingress. That board has signaxh.

How was the res/enl relationship in your country before the xfcc and how did it changed afterwards?

About what you would expect. USA has its own successes and failures and the country is too broad to draw any particular conclusion. Xfac growth is slow. It takes time for the oldest agents with local moderator power and influence to come around. Many will never be xfac. What changed is there is now a place for agents interested in removing themselves from the vitriol to go. Basically, we've built a cloud for agents to rest on as they deal with their local issues, whatever they may be. Membership continues to grow however. And reaction at the anomalies has become increasingly positive. So we wait for the breaking point to happen. As we like to say about our community… we're the only ones to turn to when your castles turn to sand.

Could you give us the link to the community?

Just in case anyone would want to join.

We have tg chats too!


XFCC Earth -

An opt-in pin map of XFCC operational areas new.

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The envelope said DannoReg, but the swag was really for Ranger. A fitting patch for his vest! Thank you +Martin Zehetmayer​!
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The result of Citizens United is finally apparent.
This is what America would look like if it were divided by wealth.

I asked Alexa to play Weird Al.
4 hours later it's still not old.

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Ranger's first day in snow
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Got swag?
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Don't miss the chance to order yours and shine bright like a diamond 💎 😂



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