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Long time no post (I'm sorry!!!)
Hi all! So I realized I have clearly been in my own little world with school, work, and traveling going on at the end of this school year! But I'm back to tell you that the past two weeks have been some of the most incredible in my life! I worked at the sam...

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Sending Smoke Signals
Its about that time of year- the "burnout" stage. The point in the year, semester, work period where we all just stop caring, fall in a rut, or lose sight of our purpose- our call for help : our smoke signal. There are a couple of different paths we can tak...

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Stressing Our Differences
It is prime time for stress, at work, school, life in general... the seasons change and yet our lives keep on going leaving us yearning for a chance to put a pause on everything. The buzz on self-care is never ending, leaving some of us more frustrated than...

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Filling Our Cup
More often than not, and I am guilty as well, I hear people saying three words much too often ....No, not "I love you"(although opinions on that later), but "I hate people". A statement that slips off our tongue unknowingly when someone cuts us off in the s...

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Calling Home
If I had a dollar for every time someone has confessed their desire to go home to me this week , I would probably be able to at least restore all the dining dollars I've used this semester. For a lot of us it is the busiest time of the semester and spring b...

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The Best of a Bad Situation
This past week I've realized again and again the impact we all have on one another, and the power that comes with simple interaction every single day. We can be the best of a bad situation simply through how we act , speak, and gesture towards the people we...

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Leaving the Door Open
Since returning to Springfield as a new RA I've left my door open quite a bit. I tell myself that its to be more approachable, to be more transparent with my residents and others in the building,and to be open to them emotionally at all times possible. I fo...

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My Cup of Coffee
Happy Weekend Everyone! What woke you up this morning? Was it the smell of coffee? The mock AP test you had to take? Early shift at work? While recalling what physically woke you up this morning, is wonderful (I was woken up by my lovely and persistent pooc...

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A Temporary Farewell
Well Guys, I really appreciate the support you have given me this year by reading thoughts I never thought mattered. Whether this blog was read by one single person, or thousands- I really would not care to see the difference. The fact that I made a differe...

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Seeing into the Future
Over the past semester I have caught myself thinking, more than once, "I wish I could have seen if this was worth it" when things haven't gone my way with either people or things in my life. For classes I think this after I get a bad grade on a test, "well ...
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