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Based on logic gates this circuit turns on a relay when 5 keys are pressed in the correct sequence. If a wrong button is pressed, the logic network backs to the start condition.

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#running-LED, #CD4017
This is a running LED circuit made without using programmable microcontrollers. It works by a CD4017 counter and a NE555 timer. The running speed can be set by a trimmer.

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#digital-counter, #shift-register
This logic gates network is a 4 bit shift register. In other words it works like a CD4017 counter, even if there isn't the clock enable and the reset input.
The logic circuit has been tested with an online simulator.
Shift register
Shift register

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#PLC, #ladder-logic, #microcontrollers
Ladder logic is a programming language used on PLC and similar to relay based circuits. Indeed its main instructions are virtual relays and contacts.
The link below is about an application that converts ladder logic into PIC microcontrollers code.
Of course it features less functions than a PLC. Besides, a PIC microcontroller is less reliable, so it shouldn' t be used for safety related purposes.

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This circuit triggers a sound alarm when a door sensor changes condition.
It works by EXOR gates and NE555 integrated circuits.
The IC2 timer is supposed to allow the user to leave the protected area without triggering the sound alarm.
By entering the protected area you have to switch off the circuit before the IC3 timer turns on. If that happens the sound alarm will be stopped by the IC4 timer and the circuit will back to the start condition.

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#PLC, #ladder-logic
For training purpose I wrote a ladder logic code which controls a pick and place machine via PLC.
The equipment picks three bottles at a time and places them in six piece containers.
The manipulator moves horizontally by a motor. Pneumatic devices are used for vertical movement, bottles holding and locking cylinders.
The program has been tested with Trilogi simulation software.
In the link below you can download the project file from Google Drive (you have to install Trilogi software).

#PLC, #ladder-logic, #elevator
This is a ladder logic code for a 4 floor elevator, written for training purpose. The position of the car is detected by proximity and dump switches. The elevator features double speed and automatic doors.
I tested it with a PLC simulator.

In the video you can see the simulation

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Un computer interamente elettromeccanico

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Questo può essere utile a chi si occupa di elettronica

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