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Steam & Crumpets
A tale of beautiful madness in Victorian London.
A tale of beautiful madness in Victorian London.

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World Building Session 

Our next session will be a world building session. We're going to Fast-Forward in time to 4 months from now - September of 1891. This gives you adequate downtime to get settled in your new Freehold, to scour the city for any additional changelings that may have been hiding from the giant octopus, to save more changelings, for your relationship with Torchwood to grow, and so on and so forth. New things are cropping up everywhere, and this session is designed so that you, the players, can decide what new things have cropped up in the interim. 

You haven't had any really huge occurrences in the last four months of the veil weakening and allowing in strange creatures, but you have had a steady stream of smaller occurrences. One or two Bandersnatches had to be taken down in back alleys, a primary school was terrorized by a group of rainbow-colored fairies, there were reports of faerie lights coming from the Thames and a few drownings led to a mermaid, that sort of thing. You've more or less settled into a routine of chasing monsters throughout London. 

The ominous warnings that "the Darkness is coming" have increased and changed to, "Terror will Reign", usually said in an utterly terrifying voice that does not belong to the person doing the speaking. 

I'll be sending you guys the event to your next session here shortly. That session will heavily utilize this document, which is going to be what we use to do collaborative world-building. Before the session, please take a little time and glance through the document. It's a bit ambitious as I gave you 17 categories to start with, but Victorian London is an awesome place, so it was hard to hold back. I DID, however, hold back, so if you see a missing neighborhood or portion of London that you'd like added, please don't hesitate to ask. 

You all should have edit capabilities on this document now. If you would like, you can put known places into the neighborhoods if you can remember / know where they are. :) Other than that, though, please don't add anything until we play on Wednesday night. 

On Wednesday, here's how the collab session will go: 

1) I'll briefly go over the document and all the stuff I'm about to write here and answer any remaining questions. 

2) Starting with me, each player will have the chance to add one thing to any of: The Spitball Board, The Bestiary, Global Truths, or Remember When. 

3) Next, each player (again starting with me, so you get an example) will have the chance to set the theme for a round. The theme can start with a place, npc, concept, idea, faction, monster, anything you can really think of. Once the player sets the theme, the round continues with each player adding something to the document related to that theme. 

4) If we get through all the players, then we'll take turns going around the table with everyone being able to openly add anything anywhere about anything they want. :) 

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Guess who's coming to dinner?

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Ringin the New Year with some nonsense poetry, the writer of said poetry, and the forging of the vorpal blade. To arms!

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Even while newly-rescued Celest is making ominous (and crazy) warnings about the approaching "Darkness", a time when the dream world takes over the real world and the real world ceases to exist, well ... the dream world is busily leaking into the  real world. 

Torchwood would like to know what you're going to do about it ... before THEY do something about it. 

Time to go Jabberwocky hunting! Anyone got a vorpal sword?

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Image courtsey NASA:

At our last session, after meeting the enigmatic and interesting Inspector Throckmorton, who appears to be an agent of some organization called "Torchwood", our changelings meandered into the Crystal Palace's Full Moon Market and met up with a former Freehold Courtesan who was eaten up by the Octopus. 

Now, in order to save the changeling with galaxies whirling in their eyes, the motley may have to give up some dear parts of themselves. 

What price freedom? 
What price freedom for others? 

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When last we left motley Brillig, the group fought a frumious Bandersnatch (and saved it's various parts for Goblin Market reasons), found an old dollhouse in the attic (which is interestingly enough latched with a cold iron trap door), but placing the dolls in the dollhouse in their perfect locations did absolutely nothing, so the group went in search of whatever dolls they were missing. 

In the night nursery, they found a merry band of bad, bad fairies who wanted to poke and prod and tear the group up, but the group tore them up instead (there were a few lethal points of damage divvied out before the fairies were dispatched, though), leaving their little fairy bodies on the girl's pink princess bed (hey, those could have goblin market material, too ... how much you think the goblins will pay for authentic fairy wings?).

Then, they went into the day nursery, where they found a very large mirror with the hedge engraved all around. No one opened a portal to the Hedge though (chickens). On their way downstairs to explore the final floor where the servants mainly lived and worked, the group found that the mess they'd made on the first floor fighting Steam Imps was mysteriously all cleaned up. 

So... Franklin broke a vase, much to Patrick's and Dalton's dismay, and the ghost who does the cleaning was there to animate the broom and clean up the whole mess. Dalton was so terribly polite to her, indeed (and of course carried the authority of a Butler speaking to a Head Maid), that she obligingly took over Talya long enough to tell the group where the last two dolls that they need are. 

Only one more floor to explore, and then what will happen when ALL of the dolls get returned to the dollhouse? 


PS: Group Members - I'm going to start setting the time for 15 minutes prior to start to see if I can get you all here on time and ready to go right at 7... not because I dislike chatting with everyone ahead of time, but because I want to stuff more gaming into the two hours we're allowed with all of our adult responsibilities. ;) 

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At the Goblin Market - New Pinterest Board! 

Pinterest is becoming the way I wind down, hahaha. I've got a growing collection of boards. I created Hedge boards for both cities, as well as adding a whole bunch of stuff to this one, a general Goblin Market board. 

This one's a lot of fun... finding goblin fruit was especially awesome. :) 

As always, you should follow me on Pinterest because neat stuff, yada yada yada. :) 

A non-gamer friend of mine was visiting from out of town a couple of weekends ago, and I went into Pinterest to show her something. At the page showing all my boards she exclaimed, "Your Pinterest looks so different than mine!" 

Hmm, yeah... all gaming stuff. :) 
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