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New C&C codex books if anyone is not already in the loop!

Codex Germana
Codex Classicum
Codex Slavorum

Just wanted to heap some praise on your presence and performance at Garycon this year! It was a pleasure to meet many of the writers and artists that are behind the amazing DCC stuff that's been coming out. I got to game with +Brendan LaSalle and +Jobe Bittman, and my buddies (those guys from Alaska) had great times at those tables. It was also exciting to see your merch booth pretty well perpetually thronged by con-goers, and I think you material certainly stood out above the rest there (not to knock the other guys too hard). I've already had great fun torturing my players with material from the Monster Alphabet and Dungeon Alphabet books, and can see these being used for a long, long time to come.

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Thanks to my buddy Erik, I got to run a DCC at Gary Gygax's old house in Lake Geneva this weekend during Garycon with some friends that go back to at least Jr. High School, a couple I had not seen in 20+ years, and one of which whom had not rolled a d20 in about that amount of time as well. Ran them through +Stephen Newton's Attack of the Frawgs, wheedling their 9-strong party of villagers down to a few ragged stragglers. Good times, good friends, good gaming!

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Just saw 3 copies of the new hardcovers of DCC at my local comic shop, including the one I had pre-ordered from Goodman Games. Hope that means mine is in the mail! If anyone needs one and is anywhere near Olympia, WA, they had the 7 star cover, Mullen cover and Kovacs cover in stock as of this afternoon.
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