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makeup artist, globe trotter, lover of high heels
makeup artist, globe trotter, lover of high heels


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Why You Should Renew Your Passport Now
I just sent my passport off to be renewed. I don't believe in not having a valid passport, because I believe you have to be ready to jump on a plane whenever an opportunity shows up. Over the years I have known many people who have missed a work trip to Par...

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Lily Collins Makeup Golden Globes 2017
Did you just love Lily Collins' makeup at the Golden Globes this year??? It was probably my favorite look of them all.  In fact there was plenty of makeup on the red carpet this year that I personally thought was ghastly. What I loved about Lily's was that ...

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Capturing Your Style with Aimee Song
So how was your first week back at work? Mine was insane. Before I dive back into the madness this morning I'm taking 20 minutes out with Aimee Song's fabulous book, Capture Your Style . If you enjoy Instagram and if you want to up your IG game, you will lo...

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The Most Searched Lipstick Shade Of 2016
Do you follow The Zoe Report? I get it in my inbox every day, I follow The Zoe Report on Instagram , and at the beginning of each season I receive the Rachel Zoe Box Of Style. I recently read this article written by Andrea Navarro on The Zoe Report, and tho...

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Travels
Right now I'm in Italy leading another group of ladies on their Glam Italia Tour.  Are you following along  on Instagram ?? Check the trip out and follow me  @Corinnamakeup . Today we are back in Rome, the eternal city (and my imaginary second home!) I'm go...

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Victoria Beckham's Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self
I just love Victoria Beckham. She is super successful in her own right, was successful before she met her gorgeous husband, is clearly a fabulous parent, seems to be raising great kids ~ she's got it all. I found this article on Career Girl Daily. Read it, ...

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The Tom Ford Coffee Table Book
I love Tom Ford. Apart from the fact that he has to be one of the sexiest men on earth he is also one of the greatest designers of my generation. His years at the helm of Gucci increased the luxury conglomerate's revenue tenfold. He took the company from an...

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Delicious Fruit Infused Water Recipes via Tanesha Awasthi
I hate to admit it, but for the most part I really don't enjoy drinking plain water. I drink water all day long, but I generally have to doctor it up one way or another to make it palatable. I found this next story while cruising around on Bloglovin. It's f...

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5 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Closet For Fall
I hate the end of summer. I hold on to every last minute of the sunny season, drag out abandoning sundresses and sandals, and only make the transition to spring when I absolutely have to. (kicking and screaming). And , of course, its kicking and screaming t...

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The Dangers Of Buying Counterfeit Beauty Products
The concept of buying makeup for cheap, the thought of getting one over on the expensive line that you think is ripping you off with their high prices, or maybe just the idea that you are getting a smoking deal can be all you need to get you clicking the bu...
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