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Effing the ineffable since 1970
Effing the ineffable since 1970

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Great piece by +Tom Chiarella - the last line put a frog in my throat.

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Starting May 13th - Four Day Worldwide Debate on Autonomous Killer Robots

The first multilateral talks on autonomous robotic weapons open at the United Nations in Geneva (UN) at 10:00 on Tuesday, 13 May.  Many of the 117 states party to the 'Convention on Conventional Weapons' (CCW) are expected to attend the four-day meeting.

The CCW is a group within the United Nations that tries to restrict particularly heinous methods of warfare. Since 1980 the convention has denounced the use of booby traps, landmines, and laser weapons that blind an enemy, as well as bombs that deliver fragments that can't be detected in the body by X-ray examination.  Autonomous robotic weapons may be next on their list.

During these multilateral talks, Professors Ronald Arkin and Noel Sharkey will present opposing viewpoints on the future role of battlefield robots.

It should come as no surprise which side of the debate I come down on (check out my TEDGlobal talk)  -- I'm squarely with Dr. Noel Sharkey and +Human Rights Watch in pushing for a global ban on Killer Robots.  As robotic weapons continue to advance, it's vital that we retain the human element in warfare (as flawed as we are).

Magnifying individual military power through robotics will undermine democratic institutions, and it's important that civilized nations of the world join together to ban these weapons before they become commonplace. Such a ban won't be perfect, but as a statement of moral principles it establishes a path for future generations to follow -- much as we have done with biological and chemical weapons.

#Autonomous    #KillerRobots    #Weapons    #CCWUN

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Launch Pad 39 going live again - right on +Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex !

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+John R. Hussey with still more Ocean Beach gold...

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So cool!

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Now on to our 112th year! A huge thanks to everyone who joined us at San Francisco's Palace Hotel to celebrate our Distinguished Citizen Awards. This year, we honored the following Bay Area luminaries: Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Founder and President of the Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF)
Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn 
Eric E. Schmidt, PhD, Executive Chairman, Google 
Wendy Schmidt, President, The Schmidt Family Foundation 
John Gunn, Chairman of the Board of Directors, San Francisco Opera - Lifetime Achievement Award 
Cynthia Fry Gunn, San Francisco Fine Arts Museums Board Member - Lifetime Achievement Award 
We'll have photos to share in the near future. For now, we're rolling up our sleeves and preparing for our FOUR events today. 

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San Francisco and the Bay Bridge after a storm's passing. Shot from Sausalito.
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