Today's #SOTD is a bit of an eclectic one, based on two products I just felt like using...  #DrJon 's #Hydra and #PAA 's #DéjàFougère aftershave.  #ProductsOfTheRoundLabel

After yesterday's maiden voyage of the Hydra, I wanted to give it another go.  This time I used the #Dovo silvertip #brush to lather, which was a touch wetter than usual and I loaded for 20s over my usual 15s.  Nailed it!  Perfect lather today, as whipped up in the #G12 scuttle.

The Déjà Fougère I received in a #MailCall earlier in the week and just hadn't had a chance to use it yet - it was time.  It was totally worth the wait...  It's a lovely scent!  A sweet, floral open and mid notes.  The base notes are darker; a musky vanilla, tobacco and oakmoss.  One of +Douglas Smythe's signature combos of tonka, coumarin and hay but with a new twist.

After whacking the whiskers with the #Mühle R41, I needed a bit of skin lovin' and opted for the #Speick #balm .  It's been a crazy week of shaving, trying all these new products - and the heat's still been on because of the crappy weather...  And thus a bit drying.

Feeling great - and smelling great today!  Shave on, me brothers.
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