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कानुङ मगर नाच सेच लेहगी

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You wrote me the words of how much I meant to you
I never read anything beautiful then the ones I read from you
A beautiful email that touched my heart in so many ways
I read over and over again for so many days.

I thought to myself how can you love me so much?
Why did you stand by me when times got tough?
No one has ever loved me like you have before
I have never loved anyone or found someone I adore.

Each text message I read, every time I hear you say
How much you love me and how it grows every day
I need to hear your voice at night before I go to sleep
Always know I'll hold you close and I am yours to keep.

Whenever there is a dull moment and you feel alone
I'll meet up with or just ring me at home
I'll right by your side, and I'll support you the whole way
I'll make you smile instead of feeling like running away.

You know you mean the world to me probably much more
I'll do anything for you and together walk through every door
Together we'll make it happen just you and me
I'll never let us fight and I'm sure you will too agree.

We've been tough times already but we've proven to be strong
Together we made everything right, and we never went wrong
I never wanted to let you go cause I loved you so much
I would forever miss your smile, talk and your touch.

You have made me the happiest girl alive
Every day you are the reason I survive
I've never loved anyone as much as I love you
I know in my heart we belong together us two.

I thank God every single day for I have been blessed
I am so in love with you, you can call me obsessed
I am thankful for the days that are beautiful with you
I love each day I see you or we speak; like you wouldn't have a clue.

These last 3 months have proved our love
You have proven to me you're my angel from above
You are my boyfriend, my best friend, my soul mate
You have always put my first I've never had to wait.

I appreciate all that you do and continue to do
I don't know where I'd be without you
I love you so much I care about you like hell
My love for you is so strong, and everyone can tell.

I'll never let you go; you'll always be a part of me
You will always come first for you are my baby
Always and forever and maybe an extra day
My love will grow stronger in every single way.
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