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Tijs Rademakers
Activiti project lead and author of the Activit in Action and Open source ESBs in Action books, published by Manning
Activiti project lead and author of the Activit in Action and Open source ESBs in Action books, published by Manning

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Event sub processes in Flowable 6
With the release of Flowable 6 , we improved the support for event sub processes. In Flowable 5, the support for event sub processes is limited to the interrupting type. This means that if a signal event is triggered for an event sub process, the executions...

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Coding introduction with Flowable 6
With the release candidate of Flowable 6 available, now is a good time to go back to the basics and look at how you can get started with using the Flowable 6 engine from scratch. Looking at all the modules available Flowable 6, things can be a bit overwhelm...

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Using the Activiti 6 Angular app
The Activiti 6 Angular app has been updated with a number of new features in Beta3. This article shows a number of these new features and will guide you in creating an app definition that can be deployed on the Activiti Engine. Start with downloading the Be...

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Activiti 6.0.0.Beta3 released
Today Activiti 6.0.0.Beta3 was released and calling it feature packed doesn't cut it this time. A lot of features have been added and we now are feature complete on an Engine level for the final version 6. We are very aware of the fact that a lot of people ...

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Activiti 6 adds ad-hoc sub process support
With the first official release of Activiti 6 approaching we have added support for ad-hoc sub processes. It's a feature that shows the strength of the Engine refactoring we have been doing, because it's a fairly simple implementation on an Engine level. Le...

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Activiti 5.19.0 released
Today we have released Activiti 5.19.0! This release provides a new feature that prevents you from needing to redeploy a process definition when you only want to change a service task class name, or a task assignment etc.  You can also expect a new beta rel...

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Adding dynamic behaviour to the Activiti Engine
We have added a new feature to the Activiti Engine that I would like to share with you even before it's available as part of an official release. The new feature is the ability to change a defined number of properties of a process definition without needing...

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Getting started with the new Activiti 6 UI
We launched Activiti 6 with a new UI that replaces the Vaadin based Activiti Explorer application. The new UI is written in AngularJS and contains a number of new features that we'll introduce in this article. But let's first get started with download the A...

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Activiti 6 Beta 1 released
Today is a big day for the Activiti project and community. We released the first beta of the first major revision of the Activiti Engine.  The main reasons to introduce Activiti 6 are: Complete backwards compatibility with version 5: database-wise, concept-...

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Activiti Designer 5.18.0 released
Today we released Activiti Designer 5.18.0. This release contains the following highlights: Updates to BPMN palette with support for compensation and cancel events and transaction sub processes. We also added missing signal and message event elements. The A...
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