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In this episode we discuss Eldritch Horror gameplay, top turkey games for our At the Table segment and introduce a new strategy segment from our friends Alex and Todd called War College (let us know what you think of that segment).

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Marty Connell (WolfpackEE) commented on a post on Blogger.
Hey, Mike! This is Vanessa! I have had technical difficulty in trying to respond to you! My response won't post, so we are trying under Marty's email. I am not a heavy warfare gamer! I do not like to attack anyone. Eminent Domain is not warfare against each other. It is just one of the ways to acquire a planet. I think you and wife should try it!

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Rolling Dice & Taking Names - In our Halloween episode, Vanessa and Casey join us again and talk about how to get friends/family into gaming, we look at games we are interested in at Essen, our top Halloween games and special events we are running at MACE.

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I love the Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine) universe and I love card games. So when Privateer Press announced a deck builder for Warmachine, we had to get it. Check out our audio review of High Command. Did it hold up? 

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In this episode we talk about the Lords of Waterdeep expansion, Pathfinder Adventure Game, an interview with Wizkids about Star Trek Attack Wing, plus a few Kickstarter tidbits.

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In our latest 5 Minute Initiative we look at Rise of Augustus. Spoiler Alert: The game was better to me than it sounded

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Rolling Dice & Taking Names - Ep. 32 - Eww That Smell

We release a few more GenCon interviews and we discuss general gaming topics.

Intro - Run for you life Candyman 1:00
Marty's has a Brilliant Idea 2:30
RDTN Podcast Projects 7:30
Augustus Game Overview 10:00
Ted Alspach - Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition 15:00
Dan Yarrington 25:15
Melody - Smirk and Dagger 34:15
Sean Garrity - What's He Doing In There? 39:35
Square Shooters - Win $2000 42:06
In Closing 48:00

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Latest Rolling Dice & Taking Names episode: In this episode we discuss the survey results from the Cool Stuff Inc. contest, share our interview with Arcane Wonders on Mage Wars and I talk about my Dragon Con experience.

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In Part 1 of our Gen Con interviews with talk with Seth Jaffee, Stronghold Games, Designer of Gravwell and Richard Launius 
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