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This is for all of you aspiring code-monkeys out there!
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Good site
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Nicholas Farrell

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Friend's stream casting all levels of games starting in 20 minutes. Come join the fun!
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Happy little trees!
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Can someone please help me here? What is the key to drawing different parts of the face? I always seem to screw something up whether it's the eyes, ears,etc.
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I found some good videos on that on YouTube. Here's my Drawing list:
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If there is a heaven, I don't wanna go there, I bet they set the bar pretty high, after all, in the bible the Christian god says he's a jealous god, always found the article choice to be a curious one.
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just replied to a posting on craigslist asking for witches to discuss possible film/show ideas in order to better educate the public. I did mention that I am pagan and not necessarily a witch, but sent in my contact info anyway. Here's hoping something comes of it!
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Mmm yes it may well be, but I'll take that chance that it's not.
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Can someone please help me here? What is the key to drawing different parts of the face? I always seem to screw something up whether it's the eyes, ears,etc.
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There are some pretty good tutorials on youtube to help. Todd Mcfarlane has some pretty good ones one how to lay out the face.
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Nicholas Farrell

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This man deserves a medal!
I just thought I'd share this for you, my fellow pagans, in case you get into a situation where you have no other option but to fight.
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This. It's far easier to take out a leg. Or the balls. Then go for the soft spots: kidneys, throat. Kneecaps are good, too. Also, throwing a straight punch like that totally leaves the torso exposed- and alllll those soft spots. If you throw a straight punch, and I see it coming, I can step just past your thrown arm and suckerpunch you in the gut. :P
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Nick, Николай (Russian for Nikolai), Son of Pan (host name), Big Bird (army nickname)
Author/ Host of The Satyr's Thicket.
My name is Nicholas. I am the blogger/ podcaster over at The Satyr's Thicket. I love to read, as I currently have a rather large stack of paperback thomes sitting on the coffee table waiting to be read! I usually prefer to read either fantasy or science fiction. I also have a couple of ideas for a novel milling about inside my own head being turned this way and that.

I am somewhat direct in my personal dealings. I prefer to speak plainly and to the point like an honest man and a soldier. The more eloquent language, I leave to my poetry and other writings.

I am also such a big nerd!!! That stack of books? All Halo books! I also love Star Wars and Doctor Who! I hope one day to somehow be involved in any one of those franchises!
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survived army basic training. Conquered the Godzilla omelette at the Misty Moonlight Diner
  • Ocean View High School
  • Golden West College
  • Santa Monica College
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