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Hey guys here is a program I made using what I have learnt so far with C101! I have only been at this for a week now and Im sure there is easier ways to do what I have done here. I have had to do some google-fu for some help as we havnt done some things on c101 yet but I am so happy and proud of myself for making a fully working program.

I remember as  a kid when you used to have a crush on another person there was a little game you would do writing down the name and calculating it to make a percentage of how compatible you are. So I decided to make that in to a program and here is my code.

I would love it to be shown on C101 but I know you probably get a lot of submissions.
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I have updated my pastebin code incase any one is using it. There was a problem that was still giving some names a 3 digit value. I fixed it by using a while look on the length of the total value and within the while loop having 2 if loops. One for a 3 digit and one for a 4 digit. Works every time so far that I can tell but Im sure someone will point out some bugs for m to fix if there is some. 
Coding is made up of a lot of debugging I have noticed.
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