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Google Classroom
A community for educators to share and learn about Google's newest addition to Google Apps for Education - Google Classroom! Welcome!
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Not allowed? My district is moving everything to Google and rolling out
classroom next year. Well, everything except giving all of us Chromebooks.
Classroom on an iPad is a pain.
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Great day to celebrate! Things to be grateful for: life, kids, family, friends, internet, g+, never ending things to learn, everyone & cake! 

Happy  Cinco de Mayo Revenge of the Fifth!!!
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Thank you so much Nilesh. And thank you for reading! 
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Tell me again how guns may not be an issue?
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Hello everyone! I have a question for the home schooling moms here. With all of the issues in education today I hear that home schooling is on the rise. So I am doing some research for a blog post on it. I don't think I am against it but I am curious about the how's and why's of it all.
Why have you decided to home school your children? How long do you plan do it for? Do you home-school alone or with a network of other home-schooling parents? What about socializing for kids?
Any input is welcomed!
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There are many TED talks that are excellent about education, btw.  One thing not mentioned in the video above but in many others, (and speaking about being prepared for the real world) is the lack of technological training in schools.  Our kids will HAVE to have digital skills like never before when they graduate.  Almost all jobs will depend on it.  Even more important, teach them to use technology to seek knowledge, ask the right questions, research the answers, analyze and synthesize the answers, collaborate with others, etc. 
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I everyone, I'm Syrena.

I'm married and mom to a two year old little girl. I  teach online classes from home for University of Phoenix, I teach full time at local community college, and I'm creator of the blog which is always undergoing improvements. I'm glad to be here. I was looking for a G+ community too but couldn't find one that I really related to.
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I try my best to do natural/unprocessed foods and less meat as well.  This time of year I am always least inspired...get tired of the same old winter fruits and veggies...but spring is coming! :)  My husband luckily easily goes along with it, but my 7 yr old is my picky one and that makes it a lot harder to make sure he is eating right.
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