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How To Organize All Your Warranties and Manuals Quickly and Easily

I hope your holiday season was amazing, and that you were able to spend quality time with your family. I’m so excited to start the year off right with practical, helpful tutorials like this one that will make your whole year easier, happier, and healthier. Today’s project is one of my favorites because it’s very easy to do!

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Don't underestimate the power of small changes

In finances.

In health.

In life.

Here are 10 small changes you can make with your money that will have a big impact in 2017

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Here's a Quick Way To Make Money Ditching Cable

Have you been wanting to try Hulu? Well today's your lucky day!

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How I Made $3,328.10 Blogging in December 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

There’s something so invigorating about the fresh start a new year provides, isn’t’ there? It’s like a new month, only way better. 

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So you failed at a no-spend month. Here’s what to do next.

Almost a year ago, Matt & I tried to do a #nospendNovember.
It sounded like a good idea, cutting back before the holidays, banking some cash for presents, and simplifying right before a very busy season. And we stuck with it….for 11 days.

11 horrible, stressful, measly days.


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Have you ever given Thrive Market a try?

We love the 25% - 50% off of healthy foods, plus the fact that it's entirely online. 

But that doesn't mean we can't save even MORE!

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Do This NOW to Save Money On Easter {Next Year}

Easter is so much fun, especially when you have kids.
The cute little Easter outfits, baskets, Easter egg hunts, and of course the huge family dinner all make it a memorable holiday.  Personally, my favorite thing about Easter (besides the obvious kiddo cuteness) is that to me, it signifies that spring/summer are here!  Instead of the darker colors of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter is all about bright, cheery colors, flower, and treats.

The weather starts to warm and the days are longer, which make everyone (myself included) beat those winter blues away.
This year our Easter was FAR different than in years past.  This is the first Easter that our daughter was old enough to understand what Easter eggsfollow were, and how awesome it was that they were actually filled with candy.  We hosted 17 family members in our new kitchen and dining room, and I was finally able to put BOTH of my ovens to working cooking the meal and baking goodies for afterwards.


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