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Maggie Blue
Living authentically every day.
Living authentically every day.


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Growing Boy
This poem makes me think of Luke, at exactly this age. He is so full of ideas and dreams...huge, seemingly impossible plans...and he believes that he can accomplish them all.  If only we all still felt that way. This is an age of magic and wonder, of growin...

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Girl Unscripted
I have a girl who loves many things. The ocean, rabbits, ducks, the woods, crochet, reading, cooking. She wants more than anything to raise animals on a farm, have guinea pigs and a saltwater fish tank. She reads late into the night, no matter how many time...

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50 Million Year Old Fossils...and they're all mine!
I love seeing history in action. As a public school kid, I learned not to get too excited about learning. Just memorize the information so you can get the best grade, do NOT think about, do NOT get excited about it, do NOT question it. Learn it, take the te...

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New Experiences=Vomit
Traveling full time with your kids, it's all about spending quality time together, living slow, and trying new things...right?  Well, sometimes new experiences are just gross. Such as, the balut egg. For those of you who are not-in-the-know, a balut egg is....

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New England
We played in the ocean.  We had some fun. We learned some history. We went to quirky museums. We visited quaint towns. We also; sat in a lot of traffic, fought for parking, paid crazy prices to park at the beach ($20 a day!?!), and spent way too much money....

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Changing what you love
We knew that the next phase in our lives, after traveling, would be to settle down and start a farm. This is something the four of us have been planning for the last 3 years, and hasn't changed in the slightest. We didn't really know where we wanted to live...

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Where on earth have we been?
Sorry, I forgot to post...for 3 months. I didn't REALLY forget. I got wrapped up in other things. Sound familiar? Even in a life where we don't work, don't have obligations, appointments or expectations...sometimes you just get don't get stuff done. Strange...

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Southwest Virgina, who knew?
I have to say, I am a little smitten with Southwest VA.  It's beautiful. It's quirky. The homes (with land!) are affordable.   Having spent a good portion of my life in Northern VA/Washington DC I thought I knew Virginia.  (Spoiler- I was wrong) We have spe...

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Homestead Hunting
Part of the purpose of this travel year is to find our homestead. It's a big undertaking to try and find the place where you want to finish raising your kids, and put down roots. Usually you just stay where you are, or move for a job...the idea of having th...

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Falling Waters State Park: Slowing Down, Savoring Little Moments
You'd think since we're traveling full time that it would be easy to remember to slow down and savor the little moments.  That is sort of the point of doing this after all. The one and only attraction to see at Falling Waters,  a single waterfall falling in...
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