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Hey all you Purple Asparagus fans! We are proud to announce the launch of our 2014 Corks and Crayons online silent auction! The auction is now live and you can begin bidding on items at this link:! The online auction will be open until Friday, August 22 at midnight! Make sure to keep checking in as we will be adding new items regularly! Remember that all proceeds support our efforts to bring nutrition education to students throughout the school year! Bid now and share this with your friends!
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Does your little eater sometimes make this face at the prospect of eating new foods?  Make it more approachable:  
S/he may be feeling (unintentional) plate pressure. Although trying new foods can be very enjoyable, it can sometimes be stressful for kids. 

But you can make it more fun, by teaching your kids the art of tasting. :) It's an important, and fairly simple, process to hone. And the ideas at link are pretty similar to our approach to tasting.
From +MOMables via My Munch Bug
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It's Not About The Broccoli...when introducing new foods they are a few important things to keep in mind to actually get your kids to eat new food!
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Thank you for sharing!
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Don't you just love this Julia Child  #cooking  quote?
"An empty plate is always the cook's best compliment"   
From +Foodimentary 
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Purple Asparagus

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Check out these mighty #asparagus  surviving the snow. :)
From +Slow Food USA's FB: 
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Happy New Year!  Welcome in 2014 with a simple promise that will benefit your whole family! If you want more quality family time and to eat healthier, too...

Sign +The Kids Cook Monday pledge to cook dinner as a family at least once a week- and to make family dinners a priority. Also check them out for kid-friendly recipes and tips about which cooking tasks children can do. :) 
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Resolve to cook with your kids in 2014 by taking The #KidsCookMonday Family Dinner Pledge!
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Children tasted fresh cranberries at the start of this Delicious Nutritious Adventure, and some found themselves in a bit of a pucker. And that's okay, sour face can happen to the best of us. :) 

Then, the kids get to taste just how good cranberries can be in a yummy recipe - when they made their own cranberry & cream cheese sandwiches! 

Check out another  #DelishNutrish : 

Thanks Ms. Emanuel of National Teachers Academy for providing the photo!
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Want more knowledge and skills to keep your family healthy? Check out the +Healthy Children Conference + Expo: Personal Chef Alia Dalal will be leading one of our Delicious Nutritious Adventures!  Save up to 50% off to #HCCE14  with this +Groupon

Sought after presenters include: 
- Heidi Murkoff, author of What to Expect When You're Expecting, 
- Mama Doc Medicine: Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health and Work-Life Balance. With Pediatrician & author, Dr. +Wendy Sue Swanson 
- Our friend, Reed Alexander, +iCarly actor and author of KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes

And kids can have fun with entertainment like Radio Disney's road crew, Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel, and Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team!
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Herbalicious! This is an easy way to get your #herbs in and make foods tastier and healthier. We use parsley, mint, rosemary, and/or basil in some of our Delicious Nutritious Adventures recipes. They work in many kid-friendly foods, and there's almost no limit on what you can make with them! 

You can have your little ones help mix the different herbs together in a bowl and sort them in the ice cube tray- and they can even pour the olive oil in. :)
From Cafe Soroni, Food, Inc. (+TakePart)  & The Farmacy
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From Food, Inc.: "Food tip: Freeze your herbs in olive oil for easy seasoning! (via The Farmacy)"
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Join us for a Delicious Nutritious Adventure at the Healthy Children Conference + Expo, this March. Excited to be part of their jam-packed weekend of interactive, family learning and fun!  With wonderful presenters, product & cooking demos on children's health and wellness, plus entertainment. :) 

We're so happy to have Personal Chef and Purple Asparagus volunteer, Alia Dalal, leading a Delicious Nutritious Adventure at their Cooking Corner! That's on Sunday, March 9 at 2:15pm. Check it out on the CC schedule, at link above.
#HCCE14   #healthykids   #Chicago   #kidscooking   #familytime   #fooded  
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If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier, keeping it simple can help. Make some tasty progress for yourself and health-oriented organizations, check out INSPIRED! Healthy 6-Ingredient Recipes for the Time-Pressed Cook. 
Cooks & chefs like our own founder, Chef +Melissa Graham offer their recipes, like Melissa's Avocado-Corn Salsa recipe. And many more like: 

+Dawn Jackson Blatner's Simple Miso Soup,  
+Darya Pino Rose's Cabbage and Eggs,
Our Board Member, Jill Houk's Sun-dried Tomatoes w/ Fresh Ricotta & Rosemary, with Balsamic Glaze... & many more healthy recipes!

It benefits many health and well-being oriented non-profits, including us -+Purple Asparagus, Family Farmed, Inspiration Corporation, +Growing Home (Chicago)... and other great organizations, too!
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Our New Year's resolution: to teach more kids that healthy eating can taste great! ...Right now, we can teach 180 more children to love healthy foods, thanks to everyone's generous support so far!

With your help, we can reach our goal of taking 300 more kids on Delicious, Nutritious Adventures in 2014! Please consider a tax-deductible donation before 2013 ends. :)

Thank you for all of your support in 2013!

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During the holiday season, there is so much to be thankful for. We, at Purple Asparagus, are thankful for you. You have helped us make an impact on one of Chicago’s biggest issues – childhood obesity. 

How are we doing it? By exposing Chicago’s elementary school children to healthy foods in a fun and interactive way through the Delicious, Nutritious Adventures program. 

Today, we are in 30 Chicagoland schools. We teach more than 5,000 children a year, but, with over 330,000 kids between 5 and 14 in the Chicagoland area, we know we need to do more. 

Our goal is to expand Delicious, Nutritious Adventures to 10 new classrooms, teaching over 300 more kids about healthy eating. 

Help us reach our goal – donate a classroom for $1500, a single class for $166, or any amount big or small to help combat childhood obesity.  

And again, Thank you!

#childhoodobesity   #fooded   #healthykids   #charity   #Chicago  
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Purple Asparagus educates children, families, and the community about eating that’s good for the body and the planet.
Purple Asparagus’ flagship program, Delicious, Nutritious Adventures™, brings healthy foods to life for kids in elementary school classrooms all over Chicagoland. During Delicious Nutritious Adventures™, students taste new foods and learn where they come from, why they benefit their bodies, and how to make simple and healthy meals using them. Written recipes go home to parents to be cooked again and again – bringing whole families back around the table. 

Purple Asparagus will teach Delicious Nutritious Adventures™ monthly in 18 Chicago Public Schools during the 2012-13 school year. Taught during the school day, each monthly class highlights a seasonal ingredient starting with apples in October and ending with berries in June.

The first part of the class is an exploration. The kids get to touch, feel, smell, and, of course, taste. The second half is a cooking lesson. Children learn how to make three simple recipes accomplished from start to finish at their desks.