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Shelton Keys Dunning
Paranormal Mystery Romance SciFi Fantasy Writer and Lyricist
Paranormal Mystery Romance SciFi Fantasy Writer and Lyricist
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Week Three and Better Prepared for Challenge
Okay, last week was rushed. This week, not as rushed. Tami Veldura's Weekly Prompt this week is Space Themed, with a picture of a starry sky, the whole nine yards. 700 word allotment, though I cheated, coming in at 890. I went with a Sci-Fi future piece (Ta...

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Week 2 of the New
Down to the wire, I have a submission for my friend Tami Veldura's weekly prompt. It's a "Roll of the Dice" kind of thing. I've participated in a few before, over at Terrible Minds. If you don't know the drill, there are two categories and you roll the dice...

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A New Year, A New Writing Prompt:
Today I begin 2016 in earnest For those of you who know me, that I've been neglecting my site is old news. I wish I could say that I've been so overwhelmingly busy that my little blog has had to take a back seat. That would be a lie and excuses such as thos...

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This new year I resolve to get back in the habit of writing every week. The issue is, I miss the community I used to write with . Write On Edge was a supportive, helpful place populated by great people at different levels of writing. It was an amazing place to hang out.

With Write On Edge gone, I have been at a loss.

After discussion of my woes and trials with a writerly friend of mine, she volunteered to create another place equally as inviting and positive, and we hope to grow the community organically, a population of writers in it for the joy of writing, and a place where they can showcase their abilities.

Check it out.

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Happy Christmas 2015!
Christmas Card 2016 The following is sappy sentiment perhaps, but heartfelt all the same. May your days be merry and bright May your heart be filled with joy and light May the yuletide be generous to you and yours May the season inspire memories good and pu...

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Announcing Quill & Spark by Bannerwing Books
It's Finally Here!!! Back in March, I headed the open call to submit a story to Bannerwing Books for inclusion to their maiden publication of Quill & Spark, literary magazine. I am proud to say that my submission was selected. And now, Quill & Spark is avai...

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It's time for Falcon Friday!

except this isn't Friday, and it's a hawk instead of a falcon, but hey, who cares? I just wanted to share the pic. And I mean share. Feel free to download or distribute or copy for whatever reason. 

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An Amazing Anniversary
Today is official! For those of you who don't recall, last year about this time I announced and celebrated the culmination of a beautiful love story: The wedding of a special couple, my husband's grandparents. At the time, Grandma was 96, and her groom? 99!...

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Shelton Keys Dunning commented on a post on Blogger.
I'm rather fond of that island myself. I was fortunate enough as a child I got to tour the replica of Anne Hathaway's Cottage, which I don't think the new owners allow anymore. Anyway, I stuck my head through the stockade so my parents could take the requisite picture and about thirty families took my picture too. And that is how I became a tourist attraction in Canada...

Lots and lots of very fond memories come from there. I hope to take Cherries there sometime, because I don't think he's ever been.

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This! This so many times over! 

I taught myself braille as a kid, in part because I was simply fascinated by reading by fingertip, but also because my parents were encouraging me to experience some of the struggles that handicapped people had to go through. Using a wheelchair for a week, learning sign language, these things impacted my life in ways that I cannot possibly put in words. Patience, tolerance, simple awareness of things I can do to offer assistance, just to be helpful, like opening doors for wheelchairs, like listening for the flight boarding call and gate changes for someone at the airport. Little kindnesses that go a long, long way. 

Stuff I've been doing since I was old enough to realize that some people are different because life isn't fair.

When I self-published my books, I looked into converting to braille, because I knew that was a market that was underutilized but I wan't looking into it to exploit that market. I just want to provide a story for someone who might want to read it.

I don't think the sighted world truly realizes the expense behind braille formatting.. I couldn't afford to self-publish a braille edition. And even if I could, I couldn't afford to sell the books even at cost because the cost of a braille book is so ridiculously expensive, there was just no way for me to write for this market.

I can't be the only one who can't afford to write for this market, and that is a sad truth that still bothers me. I can't even show that I want to help, because why bother learning braille if no one can afford to purchase braille products?

But this simple watch has the ability to reach that market, because the cost is considerably more reasonable.

It's still expensive at $300, but it can put libraries in reach of millions of people, and that impact is huge and can happen right now.

Real change. Real life impacting change. Not just for this generation, but for everyone from this day forward, whether sighted or blind.

If we could get someone like Geordie la Forge and his Reading Rainbow to team up with this Dot company, we can get these in the hands of disadvantaged children. Wouldn't that be a miracle to rally around?

What joy can be found in the pages of a book for someone who is literally at the mercy of the world around him?
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