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Hold him up to the light, not a brain in sight
Hold him up to the light, not a brain in sight

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Autoleveling. My nemisis.

1. I manually set the firmware offset to 1.5mm (A depth I can guesstimate based on unrelated project on the X Carve).

2. G28 and G29 works. In Cura I get the offset feedback on the terminal, so I know this is working ok. The head moves cleanly and with no grinding on the board.

3. I have manually set the head about 2mm from the bed and using my 1.5mm gauge I have lifted the autoleveling sensor to about the right hight

3. Print. The Z Axis pushes below level and the head rest on the bed,

Any assistance will be apreciated. 

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What is the difference with the old x axis ends and the new (hopefully near 1.0 ver) ?

I need to keep looking at the git hub more often :-S

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On a different but related topic. The +robodino : Robots and Dinosaurs Sydney Hackerspace has a X carve which is now working. It comes what one member calls Baby's First CnC Control software. As a result, I was thinking how many parts could be milled. The back plane for one of cause, but also the X and Y axis end stops. The issue is the EASEL software does not take DXF but you can import SVG files. So some work may be needed and this may prove beyond my basic skillsets....

Using 8mm acrylic would be good material to work with I hope :-)

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Reprinting my X ends (tried to recess the magnets deeper so they where flush with the x ends. Lets say a dremel freehand is a dangerous tool for me), First attempt with ABS on Printrbot caused splitting when put under tension with the nut/bolt. Do I need to go denser or less dense with the print?

I am using the Printrbot as my Mini and the Space Up both have serious warping issues :-(

Also, found this remix and was wondering if I can mix and match the parts. The extended x posts are awesome, and the spacer for the steppers was almost perfect (did not match the dimensions of the stock x axis motor mount).

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Because Cura is devil spawn software, back to Matter Control. The calibration - box file. The squigly line is the bits just too far frim print head.

The raft is a bit spongy, but the box is box shaped and the walls look smooth with little flaw in it. 
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Well it is half the size and resolution is poor. Trying Cura to see if it is the matter control settings....
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Ok. I am officially printing!

This is with the default extruder.

However the bed is not level so i will need to tweek this. It is preventing larger prints like the Matter Control calibration circle. Close in it is right but further away the print head is too far off the surface.

However the Dragonlock system is smaller so i can test everything else before printing the bigger stuff.

Lets see what happens!
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OK, with the help of the +robodino : Robots and Dinosaurs Sydney Hackerspace (Thanks Gav) I have the M Prime Working!!!!

All i need to do now is calibrate the autoleveling (doing this by eye is not working.

Also need to fix the bed. Tray keeps popping off.

But it is looking good!!!!

Issue with endstops.

X endstop did not work at all, need to be replaced
Y Endstop works fine (can see it when I use G code G302)

Extruder works fine, have not tested the extruder and head loaded with PLA.

However, the printer treats the Y Home as fully extended rather that what I expected as fully retracted, Is this something to fox in Marlin?

Also no joy with the Z Inductive sensor. This may mean more experiments for me, but it can wait until after I get X and Y homing correctly.

Also, the X Axis and X stepper base is rather short for my liking. Has anyone extended the width of these so that the bed can half support at least half way in?

This has been an interesting build and a steep learning curve. One of the other +robodino : Robots and Dinosaurs Sydney Hackerspace members brought in a more propriety printer, and I could see the benifits of a simple standards based build, although the aluminium framed box looks rather sexy.....

Well I powered up the M Prime, I have almost have a printer!

1. None of the steppers move, despite seeing the G Code via the terminal.
2. The Hot end takes a while to heat up.

But apart from that it is working fine! 
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