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I do everything ,all the time.
I do everything ,all the time.

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Spring is here! Gifted Kids want a piece of land! Gifted children want to receive a plot of 1500 sqm minimum to build for themselves a dedicated green study campus as students at Ion Mincu Architecture Institute have made their own School in Bunesti, organic, green building. Right now we pay 504 EUR per month for 150 sqm. In 10 years we could build 2 green school out of this money!!! But we think we could do better than that if you helped us. If you have an idea on how we could obtain this piece of land, we have the project. Call: 0735-759539 / email pr {AROND} Help also by Buying  art donated to build the Center: Enter GALLERY:
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Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate we're supporting Voices Global Conference, presented by Global Tech Women. As part of this 24-hour live streamed event, we'll provide more than a dozen hours of free talks featuring women working in computer science—from new episodes of the Women Techmakers series and interviews with women leaders like the head of Lexity India Mani Abrol, to discussions focusing on technologies like Google Compute Engine—starting today. For a sneak peek of the type of content we're providing, watch the story below, produced in conjunction with PBS’ MAKERS series. 

To access the full schedule and our ongoing broadcasts, see our section on the Voices website, which will be updated throughout the day: Read more about the conference and our support for women on our blog:


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Change this big needs you. It needs every one of us. Join the global community for Earth Hour 2013 on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30PM.  Take the challenge and dare the world to save the planet -

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#sendacardtoJussta    #picturesforjussta  
please take a moment to send a card to brighten Jussta's day.
P.O. Box 2
San Luis Rey, California 92068-0002

Many of you know Jussta  empath, firewalker, and that she has recently been in an accident that has been keeping her in the hospital  and has her fighting for her life..  :(

Jussta has been  moved from the hospital to her new place where her hospice team is keeping her comfortable and she is being cared for round the clock., She is missing everyone terribly..

The light from the laptop is blaring and very hard to look at right now so she has requested snailmail, warm wishes and light from those who know what that means.

She loves beautiful places, and beauty of all kinds, she was a photographer for part of her life :D so please make some prints and send some pictures and hugs

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HELLO G+! I was hoping to call on my G+ friends and family for a little help for our daughter Miriam.

Many years ago we found out about a procedure that could help our now 8 year old blind/autistic daughter Miriam see for the first time in her life. (Some of you have come to know her on G+ as the little girl with a BIG hard to come by photo smile.) The revolutionary procedure has been had by many people we know with much success but it is still in testing and not available in our country (though they say soon) which means it is costly and not covered by insurance. We have friends with blind children who can now see and we so very much want that for our daughter. We raised about $1400 many years ago but we suffered a very emotional miscarriage and had to postpone fundraising.  We have now decided that it is time to start once again adding to the savings we have built up to go. We are not big on asking anyone for help and would give anything if we could afford it on our own but unfortunately we cannot. Obviously nobody plans for things like this, we were told she would never see and that was that. We now know it is possible and hope we can grant Miriam's wish  to be able to do so. For more information and/or to donate please visit Miriam's fund me page. There you will find a link about the procedure and to the KVUE news report done on Miriam. The procedure and living expenses have gone up since we last tried fundraising so we know this is going to be tough but we figure tough we can handle if it means our daughter getting to see the twinkling lights at Christmas or the faces of the people she loves. 

We would love any support you can give, even if it is only a +up or a share. 

From the bottom of my heart, ALL of our hearts, THANK YOU! 

Here is the link for more info and/or to donate:

(sorry, had to edit, had up the wrong links)

My hands are the eyes to my soul

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I'm in progress using this tool from Zoom.Us ..It has a Google login, ability to start and stop any recordings at will and with files saving to local hard drive, amazing. I can see many uses to this, the file size of the recorded mp4s are tiny (HD at  700kb for 53 secs on my test) .. Try it and feed back

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