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Microsoft Excel Workbook Metrics

A small VBA code snippet to display the most important metrics of an Excel workbook like the count of sheets, cells, formulas, constants, named ranges, charts, tables, lines of code and many more

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Variations of Alternative Bullet Graphs in Excel

Variations of the Alternative Bullet Graph Design: Visualization of Gaps and Exceedances, two Targets and two Gaps, conditionally formatted Actuals and dynamically sorted Multiple Rows Bullet Graphs

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US Choropleth Map by County per State

How to display a Choropleth Map of the United States by County for one user-selected state

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Guest post by Leonid Koyfman:

Highlight Actions in Microsoft Excel with Multiselecting

How to implement Highlight Actions in Microsoft Excel with the option to select more than one category (Multiselecting)

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Highlight Actions in Microsoft Excel

How to implement a specific Highlight Action Use Case in Microsoft Excel

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Alternative Bullet Graph Design in Tableau

How to realize an alternative Design of Bullet Graphs in Tableau

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Interactive Bullet Graphs in Excel

An interactive Multiple Row Bullet Graph in Excel displaying the gap and data labels only when hovering over a bar with the mouse

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An Alternative Design of Bullet Graphs

An alternative design of Bullet Graphs: no qualitative ranges, additional data labels and a visualization of the performance gap (if applicable)

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