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Website plugin to display tooltips based on JSONP data
Website plugin to display tooltips based on JSONP data

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Just wanted to let you know that version 2.0 is underway. It's a complete rewrite of the core and will feature a lot of stuff that will make building your own modules easier and more fun. :)

Under the hood DarkTip will no longer depend on  jQuery and will use some fun stuff like dust.js ( and Q (

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Just pushed v1.2.1 of DarkTip onto the rep.

This version finally runs on the gruntjs build system, bundling all files together, enabling you to include DarkTip with a lot less config code and http requests. ;)

Update time again. DarkTip v1.1.11 is now available.

- DarkTip is now using localStorage when it's available
- Small bugfixes and minor changes

Just pushed another module-only update to DarkTip.

This adds implicit triggers to achievement links. This accounts for both types of achievement links, characters and guilds.

Sadly there is no flag in the data returned by the api to identify a guild achievement, yet. So special layouting for those will have to wait a bit. :)

Just wanted to drop a little info.

I'm currently rebuilding DarkTip from scratch, trying to incorporate faster and better tools to speed up the experience and clean up the code overall.

DarkTip 2.0.0 will most likely use...

... dust.js (the fork from linkedin: as a template engine

... opentip ( for tooltips, but I really still like qTip2 a lot, so maybe I won't switch. I'm still evaluating this one.

... messageformat.js ( for i18n.

/back2work ;)

DarkTip 1.1.10 is here (1.1.9 never made it live)

I changed the jQuery methods to the non-removed one, but qTip2 is still not working because of another method that was removed in jQuery 1.9.0 - So DarkTip will stick with jQuery 1.8.x until qTip2 is updated.

Additionally, DarkTip item tooltips now use the new, better readable, stat notation that Blizzard introduced.

And item upgrades on equipped items are now in, too! :)

Enough reasons to upgrade, I suppose. :D

Hi there, I just wanted to inform you that DarkTip just stopped working because I used the deprecated event attaching methode ".live()" in jQuery which has been deprecated a while ago.

As of yesterday the newest jQuery version (1.9.0) has been pushed to the Google CDN resource that DarkTip uses as default. In jQuery 1.9.0 the deprecated ".live()" method has been removed. This broke DarkTips event binding.

I will push a fix for this today. If you want to get DarkTip working again right now, you just need to link to a slightly older version of jQuery and all will be fine again.

Thanks to all who reported this bug! I should pay closer look at the jQuery changelogs in the future is suppose. :-P

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DarkTip 1.1.8 is here!

- Fixed pretty ugly infinite loop bug in item modules
- Spell Tooltip! Yay! :)
- Character Tooltips now show X of Y on mounts and pets
- Small fixes

As usual:

Download here:

Demo here:

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DarkTip version 1.1.7 is out in the open!

Version 1.1.6 was uploaded a few days earlier but was never announced because it did not contain anything significant. ;)

Summary of changes:
- New module: Detailed character spec (active and inactive, including talents and glyphs)
- Talent order is now according to the tier
- Item tooltips now use the new data resource for itemclass and subclass

As always, have fun using DarkTip, and don't hesitate to report bugs or feature requests.

Download here:

Demo here:

Update! :-)

DarkTip version 1.1.5 is out now!

This update brings you...
- Diablo III profile tooltips
- Patch 5.0.4 compatibility (works with the new talent spec data)
- Mootools compatibility (thanks to Naidi/lightsfury)
- A lot of small changes and additions
- Even some minor bugfixes

Have fun! And report any bugs you come across! :-)

Download here:

Demo here:
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