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musician, dilettante, ukulele ace, ailurophile, bibliophile
musician, dilettante, ukulele ace, ailurophile, bibliophile

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I wasn't going to release this video for a few days, just so there'd be a video in February and then this one in March. But as I mention in on YouTube, there are still some bumps in the new video making and releasing process. One of them reared it's ugly head and suddenly I found that the video had been auto-announced on Twitter prior to me finishing it's description, tagging, and such. Gotta go fix that setting.

Oh well. The actual making of the videos is getting easier.

If you like this please remember that sharing is easy. Sharing is caring. Sharing makes a HUGE difference in an indie musician's life.

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I'll just leave this here...

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It's been a year since I posted a new public video. Lots of stuff has happened since then, including just recently being gifted a nearly antique, somewhat battered iPad2. I bought the iOS version of iMovie, played with it using some old footage (just to see if it worked at all), and now this video is the first real project I've done with it.

It's a song written by my friend Thaddeus Spae ( I used the camera on my LG Leon phone to record it. Editing was done on the aforementioned iMovie and another little app I bought called Scroll Credits. And I've made another step towards my long-sought goal of completely portable computing.

The video isn't perfect but it's not half shabby for a first attempt! I believe I might even get better with a bit more practice.

If you like it, please share! (Sharing is caring, amirite?)

+Steve Mays​ and anyone else who uses an #iPad. my little brother just passed mom's iPad2 on to me. it's been dropped once and has a crunched corner, but it still works fine.

I bought iMovie and this other app that does a good job with titles and together they do most everything I want a movie editor to do. until you export the project. then you end up with a little black rectangle with a tiny movie camera icon and NO fucking filename. nor title or whatever. (which rocket surgeon at Apple decided filenames were not for the peons?)

in any event, I'm looking for suggestions for a file manager app where I can actually tell what a given file is, whether by actual filename or metadata title I don't care. have any of you found something that works?


p.s. except for adding titles, the iPad version of iMovie is way mo' bettah than the old version of iMovie I have on the G3. It even does stuff the other version simply can't. I'm stuck between being so happy I'm verklempt because the videos are quicker and easier to edit, and screaming like a madman because something as simple as filenames is an issue.

Wanted: one NBA- (or WNBA-) sized person
the light at the top of my stairs has burned out. I have a stepladder that would get me to about the correct height, but the light is placed in such a fashion that I'd have to lean out over the stairs to reach it. I've already taken one tumble down a flight of stairs in my lifetime and, even though these stairs are carpeted rather than bare wood, I have no desire to repeat the experience.

in lieu of that, one of those fancy folding stepladders that you can set to different heights on each side would do. this going up and down the stairs in darkness is a pain in the ass.

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One of the things that happens when you've had a stretch of stressful days is things get forgotten in the shuffle. For instance...

You stop at two different stores on your way home and it isn't until WAY later that you remember you're out of soft food for your cats breakfast. Or maybe coffee for your own breakfast.

Or you don't realize one of your cats -- Jack, as it happens. He's pictured below in the box my new uke came in -- has been missing for a couple hours and it turns out he'd snuck into your room during one of the 2 brief moments you had the door open. That leads to some serious kitty stink eye.

Or maybe the trip to try and locate a folding stool keeps getting put off because you're just too damn tired. I decided to fix this last one on my way home yesterday evening. I got out to Target and searched but, alas, all they had was folding stepstools, which is not what I'm looking for. However, during the search I passed the Bedding department and found pillows on sale cheap. I only had the one pillow and it's old, tired, beat up, and limp. Kinda like me. This has been on the list for a while. So I picked up a couple of them. Around 11:30-ish pm I decided I'd go and put a clean pillowcase on at least one of them to give it a try tonight. I have a chest in my room and it often gets a pile of clean clothes on it, waiting to get put away. I knew that the pillowcase was at the bottom of the pile, so I dug through and, indeed, found it.

It was at this moment that I discovered where Jack had pissed while he was stuck in my room.

Which is why I'm up so late, waiting for the laundry to finish.

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the January 2017 edition of my Hobbit Howls newsletter is out

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More indie musician trials and tribulations.

hoot mon! just got a bluetooth keyboard/tablet stand and my goodness entering frivolous comments on the social media is going to be lots easier.
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