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Howlin' Hobbit

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and  now for something completely different
a decent busking day. good money and no string breakage.

also, further details came in today on another private party gig for Snake Suspenderz. we've currently got three between now and mid-August. plus a couple Accidental Rhino things. calendar is looking better.

and now, pleasantly tired and with a belly full of my sweetie's famous meatloaf, I'm giving serious thought to having a nice lie down.

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Sounds good!
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Howlin' Hobbit

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crazy fun!

(h/t to +Paul M)
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Howlin' Hobbit

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talking Smeck
just a fella named George getting his Smeck on with His Pastimes, a true party piece.
Nice one George.
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Howlin' Hobbit

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kitty embarrassment
our smallest cat, Yuri, shrank by about a third over the last couple few weeks. we were worried.

he went to the vet a few days ago and got some blood drawn and some antibiotics. today he had to go in for an ultrasound imaging.

things are looking less grievous for him health-wise, but I'm sure he'll be mortified about his shaved belly. the other two cats are doubtless going to razz him about it. :-p
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Howlin' Hobbit

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Detroit swag
my sweetie was in Detroit visiting her mom for the week prior to me starting my run at the +Moisture Festival. in fact I went straight from the venue to pick her up at the airport the night of the first show.

rather than paying the usurious surcharge for extra luggage, she shipped a box full of goodies back and they just arrived today.

she got me a book, ceramic shot glass, and a postcard picturing Studio A from the Motown Museum. from the Henry Ford Museum she got the pocket watch and the little Tin Lizzie. the latter came from a machine that injection molds them on demand, while you watch.

I'd like to visit Detroit someday, if for no other reason than to see the massive sculpture of the Brown Bomber's fist.
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Howlin' Hobbit

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except for...
still loving the new strings.

except for the one that broke, 50 minutes into my hour-long busking set on Friday.

and I needed the money, too.

but really, I tear hell out of strings because of how hard I strum. if I have to replace these a little more often than the other brand, no big deal.

also, that's still only 5 broken strings in about a dozen years of hardcore uke freaking. I used to break that many guitar strings in just a couple days busking, especially in the cold weather.

tomorrow -- hmmm... looking at the time I guess that's actually later today -- the Glyph comes out with me. it could use new strings too, but I'm hoping they hold up for at least another couple days.
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PS, for what it's worth - I used nylon strings on my practice acoustic guitar - to preserve my tender fingers. 
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Howlin' Hobbit

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corporate vs. private parties
last Saturday night was a Hobbit & Hare gig for a private birthday party. it was held at a rather chichi restaurant in downtown Seattle. at the end of it I was presented with a small envelope. I tucked it into my pocket, Sketch & I packed our stuff, bid adieu to the nice folks, and left them to continue their party.

we hauled our (minimal... no sound system needed) equipment out to the street and I guarded things while Sketch walked the block or so to fetch his car. I opened the envelope while he was gone. inside the envelope was about 117% of the price we had contracted for. in cash. with a sweet accompanying note.

simple. nice. appreciative.

in my (admittedly limited) experience, that's the difference between a corporate party and a private one. the corporate parties will make you fill out a bunch of forms (like... are you a minority vendor?... a lesbian minority vendor? and such shit) and then tell you how it takes four to six weeks to cut your check. tell that to the guy behind you in the grocery line. or the checker for that matter.

they'll lowball you as much as they can because, pffft! you don't wear a suit and shuffle paperwork (digital or not) all day, you're just a peon musician.

and pay extra? ha!

maybe I've just been unlucky or something. I mean, when I was doing my magic act there were three "holy grail" gigs constantly touted. cruise ships, college gigs, and corporate parties. all those people who were recommending them couldn't be wrong. could they?

I think they could. I'll take more private parties instead. kthxbye.
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Exactly the reason we do not play such events. Let them put on a CD. 
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I'm pretty sure that +John Walkenbach and his posse of claw hammerin' folk will appreciate this.

and the rest of you might just like it too.

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There be a few bends in there, too.
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Howlin' Hobbit

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meanwhile, in tech news
this morning my less than a month old tablet refuses to boot.

also, after dealing with more and more weirdness, I finally bit the bullet and started installing the latest Ubuntu on my main computer (it's already on my netbook).

25 or so minutes into the process it throws an error message about a file it can't download but it assures me it will be ignored and the old version used. I click OK and the install stops.

backed out gracefully, mind you. but stopped.
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The miracle of technology: it's a miracle if it works...
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Howlin' Hobbit

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of what I hope will be a growing collection.

actually I have a couple more from other events I've played. I love them. they make me feel like a rock star.

(p.s. for the terminally curious, the book is The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie.)
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me too!
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