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Christine Hoover
Speaking gospel truths to your honest thoughts
Speaking gospel truths to your honest thoughts

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Friendship Across Racial Divides: A Story
Last July, at the height of the visible racial unrest in the United States, my husband Kyle  preached a sermon  about the very real problem, in light of who God is and what his gospel says, of racial division in our nation. In it he voiced the words I'd bee...

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The Greatest Hindrance to Friendship (and Preorder Goodies!)
Do you long for deep and lasting friendships? Do you crave connection and vulnerable relationships with other women? Instead of experiencing deep friendship, however, do you often feel alone, insecure around other women, and uncertain if you're getting this...

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When You Feel Spread Too Thin Relationally
When we moved to Charlottesville to plant a church, we knew one whole person: our realtor. Soon after, we met our neighbors, who when we cheerily explained why we'd moved in, stared at us, speechless, as if we were aliens from another planet. Apparently chu...

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Friendship After College
I remember exactly where I was when I realized friendship had become a struggle. I was sitting in my car, at a stand-still during rush hour traffic on I-75 in Dallas, Texas. Exhausted from a long day at my new job, fresh out of college, I only wanted to cra...

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Want Deeper Friendships? Do This.
The most important moments in my life have all begun with questions. Some were questions directed toward me. A friend pointedly yet lovingly confronted me with one that pierced my heart. Another initiated a conversation with a vulnerable question, altering ...

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A Few Things I Want You to Know About
Friends, thank you for a wonderful year here on Grace Covers Me. I'm grateful to have you as a reader and look forward to serving you in some small way through my space here in 2017. I'll be taking a break for the holidays and in preparation for all that I ...

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My Favorite Books from 2016
In August, on my way to the airport for a quick trip to Atlanta for a speaking engagement, I stopped at the library. I'd planned it all out--I put books I wanted on hold, I gave myself fifteen extra minutes on the drive, and I made sure I had room in my car...

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One Way to Discover and Deepen Friendships
There can be no doubt: God has given us friends. He has given us the Church. He has given us relationships for fun and for sanctification and to help us live wise lives. The gifts are all around us, if we have eyes to see and savor them. If you're like me, ...

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Making Friends When You're Shy Or Insecure
When I was a child I was painfully shy. When adults spoke to me, I'd hide behind my mother, answering their questions from behind her skirt, afraid to look them in the eye. I rarely spoke to other children at school unless they first spoke to me or invited ...

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Friendship for the Pastor's Wife
A few years ago I took questions from an audience of women. One woman raised her hand and wanted to talk about her pastor's wife. She said, "I really want to be a friend to her." I smiled, said   wonderful ,   and began listing off ways she could specifical...
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