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Hey! Were the Last 3 Flavors! We started out playing gigs in bars as a punk/rock cover band, but we took a break from that to write more original songs. We are currently looking into gigging more in Wisconsin and surrounding states to get out name out there though! We’re very into different styles of punk and pop punk, so we hear our music being influenced by that. It's like a blend of Green Day, Blink 182, All Time Low, and early Fall Out Boy. We're very proud of the music we have created so far!

Q1. Where is your home town? Do the people at home support you?
We are from Mosinee, WI. We feel that our fan base from this area as well as surrounding areas is strong and constantly growing with time!

Q2. How long have you been a band and how did you meet?
We’ve been an all original band for only about 3 months now. However, we’ve been together for a little over two years. During those two years, we only played 80’s cover music in various bars around Wisconsin. We realized that this is not where we wanted to be with the band and started to play songs that better reflected our musical tastes and preferences.
We’ve all been best friends since fourth grade, and as we entered high school, we formed a band. This band was not the Last 3 Flavors, however, but we were called Skyline81. This band had 5 members: Blake as the vocalist/ rhythm guitarist, Ben as the lead guitarist, Brandon as the bassist, and our two other friends; Philip, on lead vocals, and Jacob on the drums. We played a few shows, but time was moving quickly and college was fast approaching. Philip and Jacob got accepted into UW-Madison and the three of us got accepted into UW-Stevens Point. With Philip and Jacob so far away, we didn’t think Skyline81 would last, so after a few months, the Last 3 Flavors was born.

Q3. What are your hopes for the near future? (What gave you got planned?)
As of right now, we are working on finding places to play to get our music into more punk pop fan’s ears. We have a few possible venues lined up for next month and a Fourth of July festival in progress. We also currently have enough songs in our repertoire for a full length CD, which we hope to get recorded as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter!

Q4. Your music is very full and fast tempo, as you are a 3 piece, how do you combat that live?
Indeed, it is very tricky to pull off a full sound live with only 3 members. We feel that the style, tone and techniques of each individual member help to fill in the empty spaces when playing live. We always look for places to add some extra bass and drum fills or unique guitar licks in our songs.
We are currently in the process of regrouping, however. Philip, our previous vocalist from Skyline81, is trying out for rhythm guitar. We are also searching for a drummer that will be able to match our style and dedication.
Q5. Any fan girls?
Well there were a few girls who followed us around when we were a cover band, and we’re hoping they’ll still come to our shows as an all original band. So for now I guess we have none, but currently accepting takers! ;)

Q6. What's your hobbies? (Other than your music)
Although music is one of our largest inspirations, we also enjoy relaxing and hanging out with friends! We love going to concerts and having great times and making awesome memories! Also, badminton is probably the bands favorite sport…. Oh yeah, and school too I guess.

Q7. Music coming out on iTunes, spot oft, deezer? (Ep/album releases?)
We just recently released our debut EP “She’s So Crazy” and are working on getting it on to iTunes. You can find our EP in a number of different places however. Just type Last 3 Flavors into YouTube, sound cloud, Facebook, twitter, or band camp. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we do have enough songs for a full length CD and are working on getting them recorded!
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