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Nothing inspires storytelling like a good map. It's a catalyst for the imagination... we can't help but wonder "What's that place like?" or "How did that place get its name?"

Maps are story sparks waiting to catch fire :)

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Over at Clarkesworld Magazine​, Author Kelly Robson​ takes an honest look at what "Full-Time Writer" really means. Splendid read for anyone wanting a clear vision of their writerly lifestyle goals...

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The ARCHIVOS Open Beta has BEGUN!

Get your ARCHIVOS Storyteller Subscription today and start exploring a whole new way to develop and share your stories!

Storyteller Subscriptions are $60 and extend through 2018... that's 16 months of access to ARCHIVOS's documentation and display features!

ARCHIVOS allows you to see not just the story elements of your settings, but the context and interaction BETWEEN those elements. Watch the structures, networks, and hierarchies of your story setting come to life in interactive displays that put the length and breadth of your story worlds at your finger tips!

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