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Still have a very definite "hrm" feeling about Google+. I suppose if I worked at it I could make something of it, but as this is supposed to be entertaining rather than labor, do I really want to put time into it? Gimme a reason—other than you wanting to slurp up even more advertising fodder—to do this, Google.
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Yes I agree , I really want to like and use it but I am still slipping back to Twitter as it just seems less trouble...;(
I still only use Facebook for people I know , twitter for people that interest me and Google+ for both so it seems silly to have all. I want to just use 1 but Twitter and Facebook both have different advantages that Google + shares but I don't want to post to all 3 sites!
My solution right now in Chrome is the StartGoogle+ extension, which ties in both Twitter and Facebook. Allows posting to either stream in a similar way as adding a circle, and will also allow you to view the streams from the other networks as well.

I'm really hoping this catches on, since I really prefer both the interface and the interaction. G+ is infinitely more conversational (thus, more interesting) than Twitter for me, and I really like having the communication utilities and purposes that I use Facebook and Twitter for in a single interface.
I will give that a shot thanks for the heads up
Chrome: Nice idea. Also interesting notion about conversations and Twitter. Because I have a fair number of Twitter followers and I follow chatty people who are kind enough to reply to me, I find Twitter's short conversations perfectly fine for what I need. But if you don't have a lot of followers (or those people you tweet to don't reply) I can see how something that feels less exclusive and provides a more open interface might be the ticket.

OTOH, it may just be my aversion to Facebook that makes me prefer the Twitter way of doing things.
Regarding the conversation aspect, for me, it's not really about any sense of exclusivity. To me, it comes down to two things-I enjoy reading (and typing) complete thoughts, and I enjoy being able to more easily follow a threaded conversation between multiple people than I can with Twitter.

While I appreciate and respect the brevity of thought and skill of using the forced character economy of Twitter effectively, honestly, many folks just are not that good at it-myself included. In fairness, I'm no good at IM either...
+Russell Mather -That's a good way to put it. This is certainly my personal, and probably unusual, use of Twitter, but I have always treated it a bit more like a micro-RSS feed. I've used it in a way where I have always rally expected it to be a one-way conversation, have not sought out followers and am extremely selective about who I follow to keep the signal-to-noise ratio down.

G+ is refreshingly interactive, and-for the time being, anyway-the SNR is definitely higher.
Chris, I've found less interaction here on G+ than on Twitter. I'm more likely to get a reply from a Twitter follower than I am a G+ person. Because I'm not a person in the tech circle and don't have a blog or a byline the people here aren't interested in much interaction with me. So, as of now I'm feeling the same way you do. Why take the time and try to cultivate a new group of people to interact with when it will take so much effort and it's supposed to be something other than work.
Bah, just spend your time on Ping and you'll be fine.
Actually, Scott, I'm still holding out for a way to aggregate Ping and Buzz into a single app and interface. I had a brilliant idea for the GUI as I was staring at a blank wall.
Still looking for unique angles to G+. I quite like the ability to 'mute' a particular post rather than blocking an over-sharer's entire output a-la FB.
I'm using this as a filter on my Facebook friends list. Can finally get rid of all the 600 "Mafia War" friends, since I quit playing 6 months ago.
you know what they say: if you didn't pay for the product, you are the product. ;^)
I share some of your feelings about Google+ yet I do use it a lot — though for an unorthodox reason.

Since I post to multiple social streams and hate having to do so manually/repeatedly for each post, I've signed up with +Friends+Me 
so something posted to Google+ is autoposted to Twitter, Facebook and others.

G+ is a hub, and other services are spokes. I believe +Adam Engst does similar. (And I have a vague recollection of you mentioning F+M as well?)

So, I don't necessarily have to love or buy in to G+ (though I do) to end up looking like a G+ power user.
Yes, I agree with +Julio Ojeda-Zapata. Google+ and Friends+Me makes for a good cross-posting solution to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I mostly deal with social media in write-only mode, though I'm happy to converse with anyone who comments on what I publish, wherever that may be. Otherwise, there aren't enough hours in the day, and I have real work to do. 
I hear you. Distractions are infinite. Yet a great conversation can inspire.

I like the interface for G+ better, but don't really trust Google to, say, ask permission to re-purpose my words etc. I trust FB even less, and don't often feel like pitching in to help the Zuck create product. Twitter's alright, but the context is about the person (or personality) not the topic of conversation; thus reducing it's quoi ['je ne sais'].  After decades, the WELL still keeps me interested, because the context is about the topics of conversation, because posting noise gets you either ignored or ass-kicked, and then being self-supporting has distinct advantages. It still offers more food for thought than I can possibly digest. One must exercise discipline. I know people who subscribe but limit participation to 3-mos of the year otherwise it just sucks you in.  IMHO, G+ might have the most potential to approach higher-signal-to-noise conversations, but it would take consciousness on both the tools-creators and participants.

It always seems to come back to what the particular participation is 'about.'

Besides feeding the NSA of course. ;^)
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