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Life Doesn’t Throw Things You Like…
So much in
perspective… cut down into 3 main scenarios… When I was
offered the job as a segment producer for a morning show, I got scared because I
am not much of a people person. When I was
offered a job as a reporter in Isabela, I accepted it half halfhea...

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Moving up and away...
This has been a
favorite convo starter for the past weeks and it goes with staying stuck. The
latter part is easy. You get to be on your comfort zone but for some time, the
challenge comes when you realize there is no growth left anymore. Challenge in
a way...

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The Week in Summary 02
Second week of January, page 9 of 366. Started with selfies kasama ang little princess sa office. January 5 (excuse the poorly lit set) :) with Darla and Sophia. PRINCESS ng office Same day, during an interview. With Kuya Noel aka "Budz". A pizza as big as ...

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The Week in Summary
My phone's wi-fi is wonky so I decided to post pictures on how my week was before 2016. Sayang naman pag hindi na post. Hope yun had a fab week because I think I did!  My first ever meet up with Macky after graduation.  Selfie na rin habang nagpapalipas ng ...

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The Sunday Currentl, Vol. 7
C U R R E N TL Y... R E A D I N G The Gift of the Ordinary by Chris Dao-anis.    W R I T I N G My weekend in summary after this.  L I S T E N I N G Blues. An also jazzy kind of night. T H I N K I N G About the pasabog that will happen this 2016.  This was a...

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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 6
C U R R E N TL Y... R E A D I N G David Levithan's Every Day.  It has been on my reading list and I am ready to get my heart broken again.   W R I T I N G After this post is talata sa bibliya for next week's segment. L I S T E N I N G Some UK top 20 songs. ...

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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 5
C U R R E N TL Y... R E A D I N G Library of Souls. It has been on the last 70 pages for almost a month now and still counting. I want to finish it already so I can move on to the next book on my reading list W R I T I N G A trivia segment on Christmas Caro...

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Dear Planner...
2016 is fast approaching. I have plans, lots of plans especially when it comes to sorting my priorities, thoughts and issues. The last time I owned a planner was 3 or 4 years ago. It was a gift given by one of my close friends, Lorie. It was given around Fe...

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Of Triggers and Kali
A good couple of weeks ago, I made a short segment about sir Michael Bugnosen. He is a self defense instructor focusing mainly on Filipino Kali technique and fire arms. Due to the lack of footage, I would still want to share a few things I learned about Kal...

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Friday 10 Happy Things
1. This 10 Happy Things Button. No need to get fancy with pictures, no ma'am, got no luxury time for that. 2. Grey's Antomy S12 . Hooked. 3. Got to meet sir Joel Cruz " The Lord of Scents ". 4. Tamarind bombs. I have been craving and I seldom get to buy and...
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