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House Inspection Melbourne
Building Inspections Melbourne, property inspections Melbourne, pre purchase inspections Melbourne, home inspections Melbourne. Pre purchase Buidling inspections Melbourne and Victoria wide.
Building Inspections Melbourne, property inspections Melbourne, pre purchase inspections Melbourne, home inspections Melbourne. Pre purchase Buidling inspections Melbourne and Victoria wide.


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Termite season is coming. ARE YOU PREPARED?

A few tips you may want to consider to help protect your home.

1. Clear all gutters and make sure your down pipes are not leaking and all connected to the storm water system

2. If you own a weather board home make sure the external wall base boards and not in contact with the ground. 

3. If you own a brick home make sure your external ground levels are approximately 150mm below the base of the external wall vents and or weep holes. 

4. Clean up any old timbers, fire wood and remove old tree stumps. Also any untreated landscaping timber should be removed and replaced with a non timber alternative. 

5. Make sure you have an up to date Termite Treatment and Management Plan. A profession pest controller should be called to advice you on treatment options. 

REMEMBER: Your home insurance wont cover you for termite damage, so its better to be safe than sorry. Should you need any help or advice, or if you required the phone number of an professional pest controllers just call Geoff on 0422228716.
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Un even floor could mean Stump decay
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How to I unsubscribe from this forum.. Sick of all the emails on my phone... Please help

Anyone experience memory problems when using 3d. Would be interesting if any else has the same issues when report writing and the 3d system crashes when editing images resulting in data loss
. Hmm pain in the butt.
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Home buyers beware. An lot of new building inspection firms are popping up all over the place. Especially around the Melbourne region. Now I've got no problem with this healthy competition, but for the home buyer it's a potential trap. As yourself... Who would you rather have inspect your potential new home. 1. Someone that's been inspecting for less than a year or 2. Someone that's conducted thousands of inspection? Well we all know your answer. Don't make the mistake, contact Geoff from House Inspections Melbourne and have one of Melbourne most experienced inspectors provide his inspection service which is second to none.
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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

How can you attract a buyer to  purchase your house? The Answer is Simple - Impression is the keyword. You just need to get your house ready to sell by doing some preparation. Get an inspection by a professional if you want to pay a little effort for maximum results, or if you don’t want to spend much money by paying professional you can do it by yourself for getting your house ready to sell.

The Question now is...  How to get how to you create an impression so the buyer cant say no? Below are some steps for getting your house ready to sell.

Beautify your exterior
What your doing is just beautifying. The goal is to make your exterior look pretty and fresh to impress your buyer. Just to inform you that the exterior becomes the first impression and should not be overlooked. There are two sensory organs of a buyer you must impress. Those are eyes and nose. 

The steps you can do are:
- Get the grass, trees, flowers, and plants tidy and fresh by mowing and watering it
- Clean up the curb and entering path and put the potted flower in the sides.
- Freshen up the smells by put scented pot pourri.
- Clean up all of windows and entering doors.
- Get rid of equipments and stored items.
- Paint the walls if necessary.

Make the Cosy Interior
After your buyer has a warm impression on your house exterior, do some simple works to create a cosiness to your house interior. It aims to make a buyer feel homelike

. These are the steps:
- Clean up the tile floors; scrub it if there are some bad spots.
- Get rid of spider webs from your ceilings.
- Wash the carpets with a fragrant soap.
- Get your furniture placed tidily and gets rid of anything unnecessary .
- Brush the closets
- Clean the garage.
- Get the windows opened and clean, it will bring freshness to your house.
- If you have pets, bath them.
- Put some fresh fragrance in air conditioner.

Repairing and Replacing 
There may be some minor repairing necessary.  
- broken furniture, equipment, or appliances. 
- broken or missing doors
- cabinet handles
- ceilings
- ventilation filters
- broken tiles in bathroom and kitchen
- faucet
- wallpaper
- some furniture

Get your friends’ opinion
Assume friends as buyers, and get some advice and suggestion from then while getting your house ready to sell. 

Hope this helps you in your selling process
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HALF PRICE AUCTION INSPECTIONS - Ordering multiple reports for auction you don't win is dam expensive. HIM realise this, and are here to help. If you happen to missing the auction you bided on but find another home in the near future. We will conduct a second inspection on any property for HALF the initial inspection cost. 

Just call 0422228716 and Geoff will certainly be able to help you.
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