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Vignesh Nandakumar
sarcasm personified!!
sarcasm personified!!

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well its a matter of days b4 G+ starts dominating..... nw that facebook is tryin soooo hard to look disgusting!!

well the time to switch is near!!! u ppl shld try the site out.... online awesome library!!

fightin down my cold!!! stupid thin is in love with me!!!

classes get over @ 2:00....... (when u r @ ur final yr.... u tend to count every hr... believe me!!)

tuesday is no btr :(

LINDT LINDOR....... u just made my day!!!!.... wid ur extra dark cocoa!!!

another monday n coll.... kinda kills when u knw all u r gonna get is crap!!!

very promisin but needs to improve a gr8 deal to decide if it'll replace facebook.... but a gr8 look to the prerelease of the beta version!!!!

finally aftyer tryin all means..... pushed past the 'herd' to get in!!!
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