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Don Heatrick
Strength & Conditioning Coach, former Pro Thai Boxer and gym owner
Strength & Conditioning Coach, former Pro Thai Boxer and gym owner

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First time sparring in over a year since hernia surgery... Trading teeps with Matthew Butcher!
I mark up easier than I remember!.. Need a little more impact conditioning again. :D

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How To Increase Punching Speed Using The Right Weight Gloves...
Adding resistance to punching technique is generally misunderstood - don't get it wrong.

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Can I ask for your help?
Please take this short (6-min) Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning survey so I can offer better online training information to suit you and your training experience/conditions.

Many thanks, Don :)

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Thai boxers, can you resist the marshmallow?! There's a video in this post that will explain all... I've not been at the Whisky (much).

As we're wrapping up another year, I'd like you to consider how you approach next year's training. It could make a drastic difference to where you are this time next year.

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If you're introducing something (anything) new to your training, consider your 'training age' and start with an appropriate version.

You'll go a lot further in the long-run :)

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It was recently Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 87th Birthday, and there was a whole lot of yellow going on!

Learn more about Thailand's lucky day colours, find yours and apply it to your Muay Thai...

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Muay Thai technical & tactical training should be planned (periodised) too. General to specific as the fight approaches...

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Many coaches don't get this, let alone fighters...

A better understanding of the interplay between your energy systems will transform your fight training and cut out WASTED EFFORT.

Here's a quick overview to get you thinking.

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Why Thai Boxers Should Exercise on One-leg...

Here's a short, reposted article to pre-frame you for some stuff I'll be putting out very soon...
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