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Carole Larkin
Certified Dementia Consultant to families with someone who has Dementia
Certified Dementia Consultant to families with someone who has Dementia

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From ProPublica, a highly respected investigative journal, one of the very most disturbing articles I have ever read. Really! Your doctor is probably doing things, or prescribing things for you that just don't work, and why he/she is doing this. Thoughtful insight here, no blaming anybody. That's what's so scary!!!

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Thanks to Bob Demarco for rerunning my article How to get an Alzheimer's Patient to take a Bath.

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This is one of the very best courses I've ever taken. Really! It's FREE, or if you want CEU's, it's really cheap- $49. It's online and does take time, but you can log in and do it whenever times available (Ha Ha to that!) Still, it's great and I'm doing it. You might consider it yourself.

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These Medicare Advantage plans received warning letters from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to immediately fix errors in their provider directories. Some of the insurers are regional plans operated by national carriers, while others are smaller plans but may still operate in more than one area or state. The locations listed here are where federal officials audited their provider directories.

Plan Location

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Rhode Island

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Florida, Michigan, Missouri Wisconsin

Catholic Health Partners Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio

CIGNA Illinois, Indiana

Community Health Plan of Washington Washington

EmblemHealth Inc. Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island

Fallon Community Health Massachusetts

Gateway Health Plan, LP Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Health Partners Plans, Inc. Pennsylvania

Highmark Health Pennsylvania

Humana Inc. Wisconsin

Indiana University Health Indiana

Magellan Health Inc. New York

Moda, Inc. Alaska, Idaho, Montana New Mexico, Oregon, Washington

Molina Healthcare, Inc. Utah

Piedmont Community Health Plan Virginia

Premera Washington

Samaritan Health Services Oregon

SCAN Health Plan California

UnitedHealth Group, Inc. Colorado

Wellcare Health Plans Illinois

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Not one bit surprised.Research just popped up that if you give people with dementia (in the hospital) antipsychotics for their delirium gets worse. Lovely, 2 big problems instead of 1! Hey docs, lay off the antipsychotics please!

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Brought to our Senses – a Novel – by Kathleen H. Wheeler

Oh no, I thought. Why did I agree to review still another book written by a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s disease? I’m up to my ears with the same old, same old. But I said that I’d do it, so I plunged in.
Was I wrong. The cover of the book says that it’s a novel, and so it is. It’s truly a story, and a story well written, using novelist’s literary conventions. I was engaged in the story, reading it quickly. That’s saying a lot, because I know the story oh so well, having helped families dealing with dementia for a dozen years now. I’ve handled so many cases with siblings at each other’s throats while trying to deal with a parent’s progression through a dementia. So, yes, I’m familiar with Kathleen’s premise. But her style of character development and her storyline kept me reading anyways.
You know the thing I like best about this book, aside from the characters and the story? Kathleen respects the intelligence of her readers. She lets the reader figure out their own takeaway lessons from reading her book. Hers is not the typical “preach and teach” caregiver’s story. You know the “I did it this way. You should learn from me. My successes and mistakes will guide you.” There are plenty of those books out there, but this is NOT one of them. Thank God!
This is just a plain old good read. I suggest reading it to all thinking people (with siblings) who are engaged in caregiving a loved one with a dementia It is available on and at

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An article about a wonderful man I know who is helping the Alzheimer's community in honor of his father, who had Alzheimer's.

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Our part in this is to try to get the local acute care system (Hospitals) to expand their awareness of dementia in their patients and to adjust their procedures and staff behavior toward their patients with dementia. This film gives you an idea of what the Purple Angel movement is.

Norrms - Living with Alzheimer's Film Project
Norrms tells the story of one man and his vision for a more dementia friendly world. Against all odds, despite being diagnosed with dementia, he created a world wide movement...

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I think that this research on Alzheimer's is interesting and merits continuing study. At least it's not the same old, same old, which has gotten us nothing for 2 decades.
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