Top 50 posts of the week about Google+

(In no particular order)
1. Grow a Google+ Following and Get Users to Your Brand’s Page By +Kristoffer Howes >
2. Google+ and Search Results Testing By +Mark Traphagen >
3. New Google, Google+ and Google+ Page Users +Denis Labelle >
4. Interaction: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! By +Bud Hoffman >
5. How positively engaging are you in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
6. How to Get Circled by a TON of People on Google+ By +Anthony Fox >
7. How to be really popular on G+ and get loads of followers NOW! By Matt Holmes >
8. The G+ User Feedback Mechanism: a modest suggestion By +nomad dimitri >
9. my point of view on the G+ ghost town stories … By +Jens Graikowski >
10. Newbie on G+? With less than 2000 circlers? By +martin shervington >


11. +1-button on website also counts shares on +Google+! By +Arvid Bux >
12. Trouble with Notifications? By +Shannon Adelson >
13. *What Does Google+ Need to Do to Counteract the Press Negativity? By +Mark Traphagen
14. How do you explain +Google+ to people? By +Chase Mann >
15. 10 New Reasons You Should Quit Facebook By +Michelle Marie >
16. Why Google+ is not a social network By +Lucas Johnson
17. A Tip on How NOT to Get Blocked By +Anthony Fox >
18. Announcing: Google Plus SEO Testing Network By +Mark Traphagen >
19. GET CIRCLED By +Rehan Ahmad
20. Let's Talk About Circles... By +Matt Holmes >


21. Make your own Google+ ID card By +Jaana Nyström >
22. Why is +1 Like Casanova Gifting? By +Johan Horak
23. Google+ Photo Book is now online By +Mohammad Eshbeata
24. 5 Ways to Save Google Plus Posts for Later Reading By +Leah Davies
25. Unanticipated Consequences of Joining G+ By +Ted Ewen
26. Google+ doing its part in spreading Thanks! - News Search Results get Social By +Ronnie Bincer >
27. Google+ - Google's Collaborative Engagement Engine By +Brian Gundersen >
28. How to set your location By +Mike Downes >
29. 7 Google+ Infographics by / +Michael Delgado via Denis Labelle >
30. Graphics By +Michael Stuart >


31. What If Google+ Ended Tomorrow? By +Peter G McDermott >
32. The Importance of Timing By +Daniel Treadwell >
33. Mistakes Branding and Marketing Google+ By +Damien R. von Dahlem >
34. The power of Google+ By +David Kingham >
35. Welcome to all of you new Plussers!!! By +Glenn Rogers >
36. Basic Etiquette & Some Tips for Google+ users By +Ronnie Bincer >
37. If you are having engagement problems I feel bad for you son. You got 99 followers but get feedback from none. By +Silver Suurvarik >
38. CIRCLE MANAGEMENT By +Emilie Eggleston >
39. Google+ Tips: Secret Circles By +Mark Traphagen >
40. Search tool for comments: what Google can´t offer you is now available! By +Max Huijgen >


41. Google+ Is All That (And a Bag of Chips) By +Eli Fennell >
42. Do you know About Google+ Ripples? >
43. Google+: Reputation Engine or Social Network By +M Sinclair Stevens >
44. Managing Conversations with Curated Circles and Hashtags By +Brian Titus >
45. Tired of Feeling Square? Make Your Profile Pic Circular. By +Eli Fennell >
46. Google+ Guide for New Google+ Users >
47. Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web By +JR Raphael >
48. What is the Best Time to Post to Reach Majority of your Followers? By +Shamil Weerakoon >
49. Google+ is all about helping others.. >
50. New G+ User: How You can use Google Insights for Search By +Denis Labelle >

Bonus: Don't be a #bluehead ! By +Lars Fosdal

>> Facebook clones another Google+ feature, keeps Google+ from gaining mass adoption By +Robert Scoble > --> : added by +Jacob Moen

>> How To Research Other G+ Users Posts, Comments and Replies By +Cod Codliness >

>> Google+ is not a "social network", it is a Salon By +Anita Law >

>> Progressives Guide to Social Media 7: Google+ By +Ole Olson >

>> How do you explain +Google+ to people?(version 2.0) By +Chase Mann >


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