In short if you are new to Google+ you should
>> Upload a profile pic and fill your about section
>> Start circling active plussers
>> Start interacting with people of your interest.
>> Create awesome content(content is a king) and post to public
Enjoy your stay here..
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5 P’s for Plus - Welcome to Google+!

Ok, newbies. You’ve signed up for Google+ and now what?

Most important thing: Repeat after me…. Google+ is not Facebook

So you want to know how to get started here and what you should do. These are the things you need to remember about starting on Google+.


Fill out your profile as much as possible or as much as you feel comfortable. Make sure you add topics you are interested in so people can find you easier. You can also provide links to your other social media profiles or websites if you want people to check them out too.

Make sure you have a picture. People without a profile pic are called “blueheads”. Feelings toward blueheads range from not checking out your profile to not adding you back to blocking you.

You can change the settings for your profile information so that only the people you want to see it can see it. I suggest keeping your email address and phone number private.


On Facebook, you are encouraged to add only people you know in real life. Here on Google+, you add (or “circle”) people you think are interesting. Can you add people you know in real life? Of course! But don’t limit yourself to just those people. And just because you add someone doesn’t mean they will add you back.

Search for topics you think are interesting and see who is posting on those topics. Add those people and brands to your circles. Add as many people as you can find to get your stream moving. You can also meet people in hangouts or through comments they make on other posts.

Still can’t find people? Try this website to help you find circles that have been shared publicly.

Remember, the more interesting people you add to your circles, the more interesting posts will fill up your stream.


One of the best parts of Google+ is that it lets you choose who you want to see your posts. Want to share something with just one circle? Post it to just that circle.

There are a couple of ways to share your posts: specific people, specific circles, all of your circles, all of your circles + anyone in their circles (called “extended circles”), and public. Remember, if you share something to public, it can be found through searching on Google.

I suggest posting at least a few things to public because people who are checking out your profile will also check to see what you post. Things you’ve posted to public may be the only things they can see. Personally, if I check someone’s profile and I can’t see any posts, I don’t add them to my circles.

Plus 1

You can +1 posts and individual comments. Remember, +1 doesn’t always mean “like”. It can mean anything from “I like that” to “I agree” to “thanks for posting”. If you don’t have anything to say other than that, just +1 something and move on. Comments are for discussions (and we love discussions on G+ by the way).


Sharing is one way of promoting on Google+. If you really like a post, share it. You can also add your comments at the top of your share so if you have something to say about what you’re sharing, say it.

Another way to promote on Google+ is to share one of your circles. Do you have a circle filled with a great group of people? Share it with everyone so they can enjoy it too. If you make the post public, don’t forget to add yourself to the circle so you get added too.

If you made it this far, I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your time here on Google+. Have fun!
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