Top 70 posts of the week about Google+

(In no particular order)
1. Is Google+ making the web personal? By +martin shervington >
2. Timing to Post Counts By +Rehan Ahmad >
3. Comment: Interaction makes life & +Google+ fun By +Michael Beckett >
4. Helping New Google+ users from Public Stream >
5. Filter Conversations on Google+ with Shared Circles & Hashtags By +Brian Titus >
6. Google+Tips: Simplifying Circles -- Start with Two By +M Sinclair Stevens >
7. Google+ Etiquette - Think Twice Before You Uncircle Uncirclers By +Brian Gundersen >
8. Google+ for ?-blogging By +Bill Campbell >
9. Would you like to be a Google+ virtual tour guide for your neighborhood? By +Maria Stepanov Sommerfield >
10. G+ Notifier shared by +stephanie wanamaker >


11. Collection of Google+ Infographics >
12. If you are new to Google+ - there are a few points to take note of.. By +Lars Fosdal >
13. 5 P’s for Plus - Welcome to Google+! By +Kristin Isler >
14. Google+: A Social Network for True Social Networking By +Eli Fennell >*
15. Cool Google+ Email Signature Shared By +Johan Horak >
16. Google+ Is All That (And a Bag of Chips) By +Eli Fennell > via Lee Smallwood
17. Circle Behaviour, an update... BY +Matt Holmes >
18. Google+ Start-up Guide to become a Successful Plusser By +D D S Creations (+Shamil Weerakoon ) >
19. Top Plus-isms: Circle Up! & Round Head Tribe By +Eli Fennell >
20. Here is tonight's amazing Google Plus Week! By +Dan McDermott >

21. Optimize your Google+ post using #hashtags By Fritz +Fritz Gerard Salvador >
22. Google is NOT trying to kill Facebook By +Anthony Fox >
23. Next Week: Tales from a Ghost Town By +Allen Firstenberg >
24. Why Google+? By +Gideon Rosenblatt
25. Would anyone want their Facebook albums to be on Google+? By +martin shervington >
26. New Google+ Hangout Features Posted by +Brian Gundersen >
27. Google Plus Social Plugins - Widgets for Website By +Robert Redl >
28. Facebook Now Wants to Connect You to More Than Friends By +Mark Traphagen >
29. Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web By +JR Raphael >
30. How interacting on google+ fuels my creativity By +Marie Hélène Visconti >

31. What Google+ Should Be Doing By +Sherilynn Macale >
32. How Do You Send People to Your Google+ Brand Page? By +Peter G McDermott >
33. Get Ready for the YouTube Google+ Integration update By +Ronnie Bincer >
34. Must Have Chrome Extensions for Google+ with Quick Links By +Shaden Mohamed >
35. Google+ Tips: #3 - Consider doing an expanded post when you have lots of great photos or images included. Look for some VISUAL PUNCH to get people talking. By +Sean Cowen >
36. Google+ Optimization Shared by +Kamal Bennani >
37. From where I stand... Google+ is my digital Woodstock By +Ricardo Nuno Silva >
38. How Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever! By +Ronnie Bincer >
39. I wake up every day and ask this question of myself: How can I help? By +Sean Cowen >
40. New Google+ Users: Are you a Gmail Ninja? By +Denis Labelle >


41. Why I use Google+ By +Ramin Honary >
42. G+ DARTS: CIRCLES DONE RIGHT By +Pierre Johnson >
43. Do you think people migrated from Myspace to facebook because facebook was more innovative? By +Bruce Bates >
44. What's in a Public Hangout? Diversity By +Mike Downes >
45. Have you wondered how many public posts or comments you have made in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
46. 5 Quick Tips For Using Google + In Your Business By +PJ Rosenberg >
47. More than 100 people are now in more than a million Google+ circles each! By +Mike Elgan >
48. Random thoughts about Google Plus: By +Emily Vitori >
49. Engage With Google+ Big Fish Or Cultivating Small Fish? By +Johan Horak >
50. Follower Counts Do Not Equate To Celebrity Status By +Ardith Goodwin >


51. Getting in touch with your inner weird on Google+? By +martin shervington >
52. Going Public with My +1's By +Gideon Rosenblatt >
53. 4 Methods of Establishing a Meaningful Foundation for Your Google+ Marketing Strategy By +Kristoffer Howes >
54. Have you missed any Great Post directly from the Publisher? By +Shamil Weerakoon >*
55. Plugging Into the Stream By +Johnathan Chung >
56. Graduating another extra: making phone calls from inside Hangouts By +Vincent Paquet >
57. All My Google+ Guides in One Post By +Mark Traphagen >
58. Google+ Direct Connect By +PJ Rosenberg >*
59. Google Plus Sparks : Internet Listening Tool By +PJ Rosenberg >*
60. How to Setup PowerPoint for Awesome Google+ Album Slideshows By +Brock Predovich >>> credit +M Sinclair Stevens

61. Why More and More People are Leaving Google+ By +Peter G McDermott >

62. Five brands that are using Google+ effectively By +the g+ resource >
63. What Exactly is a Hangout On Air in Google+? By +Lynette Young
64. An answer to +Robert Scoble´s question: why isn't G+ addictive? By +Max Huijgen >
65. Google Plus Gamers - Tips By +Melita DKmel >
66. The Google+ vs Facebook Problem By +J.J. Bentley >
67. Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles By +Shamil Weerakoon >
68. The Definitive Guide to Google+ Analytics By +Denis Labelle >
69. Google Plus Users Obsessed With "Plussing" and Sharing Posts(humorous post) +Glenn Rogers >
70. Google Plus Shortcuts By +Ken Hakim >

71. Why I love G+ By +Clare Cosgrove
73. What type of posts people like in Google+? By +Jaana Nyström >
74. Slideshare + Hangout = The Sky is the Limit By +Denis Labelle >
75. Communities of Interest and G+ By +Brian Titus >

Important Announcements:

→ Do more with more apps in Google+ Hangouts By +Amit Fulay >
Google+ is now available with Google Apps
→ Google+ Integrated with Google Analytics.
→ Google+ launches Apps section for Hangouts, API comes out of preview

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5. Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook
6. Why each Google+ comment should get its own Web address → Thanks Lars Fosdal
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9. The 4 Steps To Making Google+ Pages And Profiles Work For You
10. My Dream: A Google+ Without Re-Shared Posts By +Michael van der Galien

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