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Rahul Roy
Computer Science & Engineering Graduate, Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer, Noobish Blogger, Used to be Social Media Addict!
Computer Science & Engineering Graduate, Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer, Noobish Blogger, Used to be Social Media Addict!

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How would you conduct a generic interview for web developers?

I just published a blog post about the same. I tried to focus on basics, but let me know, if I missed out on anything.

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Very sad, a great athlete with a quick wit and mind. Charismatic and a civil rights figure as well. He will be missed.

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This is the Honey Badger. Watch it run in a slow mo...

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Really good explanation of How a Car Engine Works with Graphics!

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Video embedded on this page was really good!

Found via "Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves, Proving Einstein Right" 

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Bold move by Google! Why is it such a bold move? If you're running ads on your website without any moderation, then you're probably going to be penalized by Google, because even Adsense has those deceptive ads.

Check out related discussion on Hacker News

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I don't use Microsoft Edge, but if you do, then keep this in mind.

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This clickbait trick of using misleading thumbnails seems to be very popular these days.


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Really good Article explaining why procrastination can be a good thing!

I've noticed this too! It does bring your creative side and helps you gain different perspective.

Of course the most important things is to get started with task in hand. It does grow like a seed in your brain. Attached image is the perfect example of how it helps your thought process evolve over time.

What's your perspective on Procrastination?

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This is so true! I have found myself using skype calls(or internet calls, if you may?) more and more.

PS: In india phone calls are still the primary source to reach out to someone both professionally and personally part of the reason is shitty mobile internet speed & plans. 4G is still in the process of being rolled out. 
So a phone isn’t a phone anymore?  #Smartphones #Communications
For the last few weeks I’ve noticed people saying they can’t hear me, my voice is muffled, can I call back on the land line. The phone signal is perfect. But I gather it’s quite normal now that nobody can hear or use the latest Smartphones for phone calls? They work super well for surfing the Internet, ordering the shopping, playing games and music, uploading photos and whatever you’re having yourself but no, forget trying to make a phone call! 

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