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Fredrik von Oberhausen
Write a contrarian and value investment blog. I´m in my mid 30's, male and am running my own company. I live in Berlin.
Write a contrarian and value investment blog. I´m in my mid 30's, male and am running my own company. I live in Berlin.


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Summary of December 2017
December arrived and went again. Time flies. Time flies. I managed to go to Berlin for some glühwein at the Christmas market. This was the tenth anniversary for doing so. I realise that I need to start up a similar tradition with my friends back in France. ...

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Dividend summary 2017
For the previous report please visit  dividend summary 2015 . The first year (2012) of investment I received 461 € in dividends. The second year (2013) I received a total of 1,367 € however from this 653 € was due to selling share rights to Commerzbank, lea...

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The stock portfolio development 2017
As all of you know my target in the end is to reach 750 k€ invested on the stock market that will be my retirement fund. This means that I should not forget to every now and then look at the development for reaching this target. For the previous please visi...

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End of year overview 2017
For the fifth time I will now make an end of the year summary regarding my current holdings. Some companies have been with me for a longer time and a few companies have been with me for a shorter time in my stock portfolio. This was once again a year focuse...

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Dividend from TJX, Intel, IBM, BP and ETF Portugal: December 2017
From my 32 shares in TJX I received 8.43 € in dividend. From this was taken 1.26 € in taxes and I received 7.17 € in cash on my broker account. To find out more about TJX then please click here . From my 135 shares in Intel I received a total of 30.84 € in ...

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Stock bought December 2017: ETF Portugal
Here in the end of the year I have made some larger investments to, in a way, compensate for my inactivity during the year. At this stage, 5 years of investing, it was decided very early that if i did not perform well against index then I should move more a...

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Stock bought December 2017: HM
Well... what can I say... It was time to step into H&M. As so often Mr. Market have overreacted, in my opinion, when looking into the crystal ball and there the analysts foresaw a future that would be very hard for H&M moving forward. I disagree. As long as...

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Analysis of HM 2017
Company:  H&M ISIN SE0000106270 | WKN 872318 Business: Fashion retail with H&M, & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki, Weekday and Arket. The currently have online offerings in 43 of their markets. Active: They have over 4500 stores in 69 markets. They ...

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Stock sold December 2017: Deere
My sales criteria for Deere was when Warren Buffet sold his shares. Today I would never put such a criteria in place and to be fair I correctly also ignored in when it comes to Deere as I am currently ignoring it when it comes to IBM. For me the Deere share...

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Summary of November 2017
November was, as always a hard month. Budget, performance discussions, targets for 2018 discussions up and down and on top of that I have had to spend two days per week with my new group which is a 350 km drive back and forth each time and it means that I s...
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