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Cats' reaction to sound
Anyone else watched this 19 times? 1 for the first view, 18 other times to see each cats reaction? 
#lol #cat   #caturday #gif
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An Ingenious Machine That Prints Bricks Roads

There is nothing like a brick road to set the stage for a beautiful and quaint neighbourhood, so why don’t we see more streets with brick roads around? Perhaps it is because, although they are very durable, they are quite expensive to install due to the amount of time and effort it takes.

Tiger-Stone has developed the perfect device to take the pain out of brick laying and bring us into the world of machine paving. The automatic device rolls out a perfect road with little effort, all thanks to an ingenious gravity-based system.
More at : +Interesting Engineering

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Beginning Of Another End

So here we are, surviving yet another end of the world, no real surprise when I woke this morning for find the world still turning and the rain still falling.

Some believe that the Mayan's thought the world would end today because their calendar stopped on this day some believe this is simply the start of the end of the world, either way everything has a shelf life. From the day we are born we renew dead cells in our body, as we age this process slows down and ensures the cycle of life will continue, life would be dull if we all lived forever. The planet will one day cease to be, the moon and the stars will move on, its inevitable.

Go out and explore, enjoy life and let life enjoy you.

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