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It was like this once but I'm pretty disciplined for the last six months. #workhard  #feelsgreat

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+Visnja Zeljeznjak reached 12k followers on Google+. Let's make that double. :) Congrats!
I love the way my new G+ cover looks like on mobile
This photo is just... So amazing.
Oh and I reached 12,000 followers, sweet! I am amazed by G+, which is like this awesome window into the thoughts of so many people I would have never known otherwise. 

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#PhotoSphere and #TinyPlanet in front of my house! - with black spots :( but otherwise perfect!

#Porec #Croatia #sphere #panorama #S3Mini
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haha :) via +Visnja Zeljeznjak 
I don't want to alarm you, but 2013 is now at 50% ;)

ono kad se fajtaš s nekom sandy u mmorpg-u zadnjih sat vremena i chataš i sve je baš supač i girly talks itd... i onda na kraju skužiš da je u biti lik muško. sandy. #zajebavame

Got the new Google+ and Google Maps. Nice. :)

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When you Google yourself, how much do you really "own" search results?

An interesting infographics about Google results shows that only 2% of people can actually call the first page of results their own.


Test test, "Kristina Bogović"...


1. my Facebook profile | 2. my personal web | 3. my Twitter profile | 4. my articles on T-Portal | 5. my LinkedIn profile | 6. my Quora profile | 7. my Google+ profile | 8. my Foursquare profile | 9. my Bika profile | 10. my SlideShare profile

Pretty good!

How much do you control your online presence?
Are you careful about what people can find about you through web search?

#personalbranding #onlineidentity #onlinepresence #googleresults

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"iGoogle service won't be available after November 1, 2013"

Well damn, the only "i" product I ever used...

#igoogle   #wtfgoogle   #fml  

Happy birthday Google+!

Seems there is already an appropriate hashtag so here I am. This was #MyFirstPost  on Google+ a year ago, when it just started and not a lot of people were here.

It's written in Croatian and translates to something of a famous "Hello world!" phrase. So yeah, I was here, and still am. It's a nice social network. :)
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