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L E Fitzpatrick
Author, reader, beta, proofreader, editor
Author, reader, beta, proofreader, editor

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THE RUNNING GAME... under new management
I am pleased to announce that THE RUNNING GAME has now been re-published with Creativia and you can once again get copies from most good retailers. Well, what a tumultuous month May has been. After an incredible April, seeing THE RUNNING GAME top the Amazon...

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Announcement: Creativia
What's that old cliche? One door closes... okay, let's not get corny this soon into the post. Let's just say that I'm lucky... or all those goat sacrifices are finally paying off. Maybe it's a bit of both. Regardless of how it has happened, it has and that'...

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Booktrope Closure
At about ten o’clock last night I was pretty smug with
myself. I’d spent the day working on the latest edits for my next book and I’d
spent the last hour doing a #writestorm with a couple of my favourite authors,
managing to get within a chapter or two of f...

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Back of the Bus
Last year, as a mother of a 7 year old boy, I experienced a
moment of relief when gay marriage was recognised in the UK and then later in
the US. I don’t know if my son is gay (currently kissing is the grossest thing
in the world), but up until last year a ...

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Another brick in the wall
Last week I discovered I could put text on images and post to Twitter... yeah I know this has been around for a while but I've been busy. Like any kid with a new toy I went a bit crazy, trawling THE RUNNING GAME for juicy snippets. In doing so I learnt two ...

If you've got two minutes and could spare the time please vote for THE RUNNING GAME (my book) in the cover wars:

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Last week was a very eventful one for me. Although it's taken five years of obsessive, and sometimes seemingly fruitless, hard work my book THE RUNNING GAME became an Amazon bestseller in Canada and almost reached the illusive status in both the States and ...

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Pinch Me!
I've been trying to write an intelligent post that will communicate the events of the past two days in a logical, level headed and sophisticated way. Unfortunately I've been unable to form more than a few short sentences before erupting into a state of tota...
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