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SFMagic: a casual Magic the Gathering drafting group in San Francisco
SFMagic: a casual Magic the Gathering drafting group in San Francisco


Notice: SFMagic takes a break until 20170927

Kennedy's is closed for two weeks and the Amonkhet block is winding down, so we will skip two weeks and resume when the new set is out.

When we resume we will try out a new seasonal tournament scheme --- at the end of the format (last week before release of Rivals of Ixalan), the top five players by number of match wins will receive prizes.

See you in Ixalan on Wednesday, September 2017!
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San Francisco Casual Draft League

When: 7:30 PM every Wednesday night.

Where: Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House, at 1040 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133. Usually we're in the back room.

Are we active?: Yes! Baring major holidays, we haven't missed a Wednesday night draft since Mirodin Block. That's before you were born, kid.

Format: Unsanctioned draft, generally the most current set.

What you need to play: 3 booster packs of the current set. Buy from us or bring your own (there’s no charge if you bring your own). A draft set costs from $7-9 depending on market conditions.

Prizes: None! The rares from each pod go into a pool and are divided at the end according to draft performance.
Note: Make sure to sign in with the tournament organizers. If you like, show up earlier (around 7:15 PM), have a curry and a beer and play a few hands of casual constructed.

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It's the last Wednesday of the month, so it's random night at SFMagic. Instead of the usual ranking-based pods, tonight you will play against randomly selected players.

See you tonight (7:30) at Kennedy's  Pub and India Curry House, 1040 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA.
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Do you like to draft? Are you in or near San Francisco? Then come play at SFMagic. We are a casual draft group that meets on Wednesday nights (click for details).

Currently drafting Born of the Gods / Theros / Theros (props for the great set, +Mark Rosewater)

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SFMagic is a long-running Magic the Gathering playgroup in San Francisco.

We meet every Wednesday at 7:30 PM at Kennedy's Irish Pub & Indian Curry House ( at 1040 Columbus Avenue.

The format is draft, using the most recent block of cards. Booster packs are available on site, or you may bring your own.

We play 3-round, Swiss pairing tournaments of 6-10 players per pod, typically 3 or 4 concurrently running pods per night.

The tournaments are not sanctioned by the DCI and have no prize support. Instead, all the rare and mythic cards in each pod are pooled at the end of the tournament, with the first pick going to the pod's winner, the second pick going to the second place player, etc.

More information can be found here:

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