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This video got me so emotional. I just love it.💚💜💙💛🇺🇸

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Do not take this evil man lightly. Vote like your life depends on it. Because it very well may be.

Via +John Hummel
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Save the day.

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Thank you for this +Ron Dobbs​!
1. Opposes federal guarantees for student loans
2. Opposes virtually all forms of gun control
3. Opposes the minimum wage
4. Opposes equal-pay laws
5. Opposes collective bargaining for public employees
6. Proposes cuts to Social Security and removing Medicare and Medicaid from
7. Supports private prisons federal control
8. Gave a sole-bidder contract to Koch Industries
9. May have Koch backing for 2016 effort
10. Uses dirty tricksters
11. Accepted $1 million in PAC money from anti-education right-wing donor
12. Top corporate contributor slapped with $1.5 million pollution fine

His rhetoric on marijuana and against war serve as a shield for a litany of radical-right positions.
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Modern libertarianism is the most delusional and impractical concept in politics. Even right wing conservatism makes more sense. 

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If only his supporters were as smart as 2nd graders......sigh. 

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Please reahare, or help if you can. If you know about any organizations that can help, please post a link on the original post.
OK, Googlers, I need some immediate help for my animals.

Because of recent events in my life, my family, to include a death in the family, I need to place 4 animals quickly to GOOD, LOVING, FOREVER homes or at least facilities that take extremely good care of aging animals.

I ask that even if you yourself can't accept these adoptions, that you forward this to your Circles in order to help these babies.

Here they are:

Spig: 10-year-old red-haired female pig, in good health but unable to be bred because of a rupture that doesn't affect her daily life, but which would probably kill her if anyone tried to breed her. She's about 750-pounds, as gentle as a lamb - as all 4 of these babies are - has rather severe arthritis but gets up and moves on - slowly- despite it, and loves people, animal crackers, and attention. In good health.

Shadow: 9-year-old neutered male, about 1100-pounds, probably part Russian boar, a GIANT teddy bear, blind in his right eye, 3-4" tusks, loves good fruit, belly rubs, people, and attention. He has severe arthritis in his front feet, but gets around anyway, but is in good health otherwise.

Sparkie: Black mixed-breed part-pitbull, 8-years-old, about 60-pounds, sweet-as-sugar, very skittish because we suspect that he was abused before he found us, in great health. Has a huge, deep voice, but despite being a loudmouth, is exceedingly gentle. Good guard dog due to voice, probably too skittish to bother anyone once they come inside your yard/house unless YOU make a hurt sound or tell him to. Never bit anyone, but "threatened" to, meaning that he mostly stood aside, looked threatening, and barked LOUDLY.

Springer: Blind-from-birth 10-year-old Miniature Pinscher (MinPin), in great health, has cataracts but which our vet says, and as we've observed, has no effect on him since he was already blind; has AMAZING locational awareness, meaning that he learns quickly where things are both inside and outside and learns his way around. Truly amazing as to how good it is. Unless you pick him up and then put him down in a different location in the house or outside, he knows exactly where he is once he gets to know the place. Got him from same abusive home as the female pig.

Giving these babies up is killing me, but I can't take them to downtown Portland, where I'm moving to. They need good, loving, humane homes where people understand that they're all rescues, all need attention (the pigs mostly sleep, but love people), and all have been abused before I got them.

In sum, they're like my children, and it's absolutely killing me to have to give them up. But...circumstances force it.

Please, even if you don't know anyone, repost this. I will vet any serious applicant before I let my children go.

Failing that...there's but one humane option, and I don't even want to consider that until all other options have been exhausted.

I need some help here, folks. I'm begging you. :(
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Jordan Klepper goes to a Trump rally to uncover the hottest new conspiracy theories around Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

►Full video:
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Stupid doesn't begin to describe these degenerates! The guy who thought President Obama was POTUS during 9/11 is dumber than a bag of hammers. 

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Is G+ messing with anyone else today? Or is it just me?😡
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I thought maybe it was just me. Thanks.

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Great idea!
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Well, you can memorize the Middle East maps in a short period of time, so I think Bob Buck's idea would be even more educational, if not to the candidates, then certainly to the voters. 
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