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Looking Back...
Greetings Everyone, ~A brief note~  Have you ever noticed how November changes us? People get three shades lighter, five times more irritable, and infinitely more tired. On top of it all, this month is also filled with memories of lost loved ones for my fam...

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In Loving Memory
Timothy Frank Katchmark Funeral Service Details When: December 11th at 11:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 visitation before the service and a lunch to follow Where: Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley ~ 7520 Golden Valley Road His obituary will be in this Sunday's pap...

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In These Final Days
Hello to Everyone,  ~Today I post very upsetting news. I would only ask you all to remember that this is a terrible thing for me to write as we are still living it. It is only fair for you to know what is happening as you have read my blog from the very beg...

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Down to Texas
Good Evening Everyone,  Its been a long time since I've written anything in the blog and my hands are a bit rusty! As usual, plenty has happened from the last update and this includes a ridiculous amount of homework on my end. Because of this homework, and ...

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Jail Break
Good Evening Everyone, Things have settled down a bit in life. I am moved into college, my mom and dad are together again (mom had mono recently), and my little sister is back at school as well. My dad is doing well especially compared to where he was at on...

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Up For Company
Good Afternoon Everyone,   So here is the dad is better than he has been in the past week, but there are some really difficult problems that the doctors still need to solve. The first most immediate problem is his intestine. It is still very infla...

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The Biggest Mountain Still to Climb
Good Evening Everyone, Technically it is 12:11 AM and I am dutifully typing up the most difficult post I've had to write in quite a while. To begin with I would like to say that my dad is not doing well. At all... It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly ...

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A Heartfelt Thank you
Sometimes I start out a blog post
by saying, “where do I begin?”, but today I know exactly where to start! Wow!
What a fabulous party this past
Sunday was! I was simply thrilled to see and meet everyone, and to see my family so
happy! My dad keeps walking a...

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Good Afternoon Everyone, I have a slight alteration to make to the information about donating through Wells Fargo. If you choose to donate, the account name is as follows... The Tim Katchmark Donation Trust This error was made on the flyer as well and I do ...

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Benefit Information
Katchmark, age 50, has been married to his wife Beth for 27 years,  and has two
daughters named Laura and Sarah. He was diagnosed with MDS/Leukemia in November
2012. He spent 9 we...
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