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Hi there beta players - we did it!

I am proud to announce that as of today our game Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge has been officially released at the Android Play Store. Yay!! \o/

It has been our best and smoothest release yet and you guys have played a big part in it. Thanks so much for all your endless feedback, your suggestions and your time to play the game! To show you what you have accomplished we gathered some data for you:

In the beta, the game has been played for 2342 minutes in which 1975 levels have been solved. Additional lines have been issued 325 times. Wrong letters got deleted 265 times. 464 video ads were started and 170 have been watched until the end. 

As for the most difficult symbols... :
- EN amublance
- DE Walroß
- DE Flughund

If you have any questions or you would like to have some specific data, please get in touch with us and of course continue to enjoy the game ( don't worry, your save will be valid after updating to the full version from the Play Store). Here is the quick link for that THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS BETA! 

We will see you around for sure!

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Hello fellow gamer,
thank you all for supporting us. We just uploaded a new version of Symbol Quest. It would be nice to get some feedback, if you have any issues with it.

By the way, we just started a Thunderclap campaign and it would be awesome to get your support! Every click counts! Thanks to all of you.

Cheers, Iven

Version 1.02 known issues:

- The App title is included in the shop buttons (will be fixed with the next version)

- First time opening the dialog window for hint1:getting additional lines and hint2:getting rid of some letters may contain wrong information (Opening the dialog twice will resolve this)

- It is possible to use hint2:getting rid of some letters even if no more letters can be removed (will be fixed with the next version)

- If you end the game during the score screen you will restart the game in the last level (removing the last letter and reentering it will resolve the issue - will be fixed with the next version)

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Hello fellow gamer, the beta can finally start!

To download the #client please click the link below and you are almost ready to go:

Enjoy all the secret symbols we implemented so far and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PARTICIPATING in this beta.

RedOrb Games Dev Team

Welcome to the hot and spicy testing phase of our brand new project Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge!!

The #beta will start Friday, 6th February at 6p.m. All community members will automatically recieve an invitation via email. To accept the invite, simply click link provided in the email to download the game. 

If you happen to encounter technical issues please do not hesitate to contact us via or simply comment within this community. Of course the same goes for any kind of feedback or ideas. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Thank you for participating in this beta and have fun trying our newest #game   Riddle Quest: Symbol Challenge!

Yours #RedOrbGames Dev Team

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