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2014 WRAP UP
2014 Wrap UP
2014 Wrap UP
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2014 Update this Sunday. Peace in the HOOD = Jobs in the HOOD
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We now have a proposed literacy framework for STEM Badges the AU6 in North America.
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Todays Agenda

Phone 213.493.07000 pin 106132#


6PM Sewer P3 based Finance for all of the Above

Metro Moves II would include Light Rail, Mass Bus, Streetcar Phase I, II & III along with FAU Global logistics

Fixing Sewers Around the World with a focus on the nations of the African Union based on the work done to create in Cincinnati a Center of Excellence in Sewers, Water, Power and Sustainable Solutions as proposed to MSD in 2011 and updated in 2012 and 2013.

6PM Hosts Intro and News Updates on the African Union's 50th Anniversary and why Cincinnati in the USA.

Friends of the African Union plans for Cincinnati Tourism including the First Black Science Museum in USA
and STEM Based School Expansion for Friends of the African Union USA Bureau

Global FAU Fashion Art Music and Entertainment Multimedia PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING Center

Public Private Partnership [P3] Finance
Costs to Finish with a 50 year Op Period

1 Tell of Africa's 50 year framework and that of FAU for the 6th region

2 Create in Cincinnati a movement to make Cincinnati the HQ for the African Union in the USA and the worldwide Broadcast HQ for FAU by Dec 16th 2013.

3. Create for Africa a Financial Center that would fund private public partnerships by Dec. 18th 2013.

4. Create a public private partnership to create a black tourism initiative that would include Metro Moves II which would include private sector funding for what is called the Streetcar Phase I, II and develop a phase III by Dec 19th 2013.

5. Create a jobs program around creating a Alliance of 500 states around the world a Center of Excellence in Sewers, Water, Power and Sustainable Solutions

6. Explain how buying the sewer system in Hamilton County for $1.5B sustains the county and city.

7. Explain how we fund rebuilding 20,000 households by taking the lead and other environmental problems out of them, erases the digital divide, creates jobs, supports MBE/SBE/DBE/PWD based Cincinnati employers and creates a 21st century STEM based workforce.

08:00 PM The FAU 500 States United Congress – Wesley
09:00 PM FAU Caracom in LA & FAU Americas – Andrew
10:00 PM THE UNIA Today
11:00 PM FAU LEGACY & HIP HOP MUSIC AWARDS featuring invitations to the Obama's, the Kings, the Jacksons, and the other Jacksons along with allies like Brando's daughter through the FAU Chamber of Commerce
12:00 AM FAU EDcorp Masters in Dance – Professor Franchesska Berry, Med
01:00 AM FAU Barbados – Onika Best
01:30 AM FAU Kenya Report
02:00 AM FAU Bermuda – FAU Think Tank
03:00 AM FAU AFRICA & Saint Mikes Reggie Time
04:00 AM FAU FAME feature AMC Records
06:00 AM FAU 100 Years of Garvey – Open to All
07:00 AM Sunrise Service – FAU Women then Men
08:00 AM Kenya – East Africa Give Peace a Change EMBU Kenya
09:00 AM Ghana – Sofo plus the Queen a American lawyer
10:00 AM Hershel Daniels – Public Private Partnerships
11:00 AM Dr Day and FAU Education Solutions
12:00 PM Fred Hargrove PE, MBA, ASI
01:00 PM AEC Team e7 Hershel Daniels guest Tom Hefley AIA
02:00 PM Bill Callery, Esq.- The FAU Law Commitment
03:00 PM Faith Based STEM FAU CIO Timar Davis
04:00 PM Common Core ISO 26000 – Panel by Hershel
05:00 PM The Council of the North American African Diaspora Unity Council - (NAADUC)
06:00 PM Hershel Daniels Junior & Judge TC Adams
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28 other Dance Companies in a FAU Business Global African, Asian and American STEM FAME DANCE Alliance?
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Dec 31st 2013 we will make the World a better Place from 2013-2063 with our 5 Trillion Dollar Plan 50 year plan.
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Getting ready for Black History Month 2014.  Getting the sewer projects done starting in the Nati.
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