The new version 1.3.3 of Marble Touch for the Nokia N9/N950 will be released at the end of the month. Contrary to our KDE aligned releases for the desktop the Touch/1.3 branch brings both bugfixes and new features in minor releases.

The major new feature in version 1.3.3 is the support for bookmarks, which can be added from placemarks (in vector maps) and search results (all maps). Touch a bookmark (or placemark in vector maps) to view its details (current weather report, photos and routing options).

One of Marble's strengths is the support for working offline. To extend it further, the new version let's you filter the (nowadays quite long) list of downloadable offline data. The 'download tiles along the route' feature added in version 1.3.2 has been extend by a 'visible area' mode that let's you download the map tiles for the current map view. That's handy e.g. to cache tiles downtown.

Support for the Open Source Routing Machine is added via a routing backend that is automatically queried as an alternative route provider for motorcar routes. The OpenRouteService routing backend has been extended to parse turn directions, making it better usable for navigation (i.e. voice navigation also works when the route comes from OpenRouteService).

The download counters from the Ovi store indicate that the majority of users do not install Monav Routing Daemon alongside Marble. It is however needed to make offline routing work, so please go ahead and install Monav Routing Daemon from the Ovi store to make use of Marbles support for offline routing! Monav is free and open source like Marble.

Marble Touch 1.3.3 is not yet finished, but a preliminary version can be found at
Thanks to all testers!
Marble Touch 1.3.3 - New Features
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