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Pickleope Von Pickleope
It's the combination of a pickle and an antelope, what's weird about that?
It's the combination of a pickle and an antelope, what's weird about that?


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Requiem for a Pickle II:The Interminable Death
Once again I underestimated both my work schedule and my ability to set up a simple blog. Thankfully, instead of leaving a pickle-shaped void in the internet (like a pickleope got scared in cartoon world and ran through a wall), DCRelief has created another...

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Requiem For a Pickle: The Very First Guest Post
Hi there. How are ya'? I know I said I'd have the new site up by now, and it technically is up, but there's nothing there. I underestimated how long it would take to write a eulogy for this blog (aka "auto-fillatio"). In the meantime, why not end this with ...

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True Signs of Aging
If there's one thing I despise, that would be a miracle because I despise a lot of things. Among them, people in their 20's and 30's lamenting about how "old" they are. What? This isn't the 1400's, life expectancy is above age 18 now. Our mortality worries ...

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For Grandma Max
Rest in Peace Grandma Max. Grandma Max, my last grandmother,  died this week. Please do not say any variation of "sorry for your loss." Grandma Max(ine) was not into anything cliche like that.  Not Grandma Max, but damn close. I think this granny clit-slapp...

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It's Still Better Than Ikea
There is a furniture store I drove by today with, given the current world issues, has probably the most unfortunate name since Ayds Diet Candy . This furniture and flooring store is unfortunately named "Issis." Considering the President of the United States...

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Notes From the Periphery of Sanity
With full recognition that nobody cares except me, I declare that I have been absent from my tiny, dark, disturbing, surrealistic, twisted, exceptionally brilliant-yet-tragically-ignored corner of the internet for the last week. Initially this was for a gre...

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Gimme That Candy, Stupid Baby
"Like taking candy from a baby." We've all heard that expression created by some deviant sociopath who dreamed of making babies cry.  The meaning is convey how easy something would be, but originally, it was meant to convey how difficult a task would be . A...

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Summer is Dead, Time For An Irish Wake
In the area I live, the end of August signals the true end of Summer. Kids are forced back into school by billy club waving truant officers (if any of you have ever met or even have a second-hand anecdote about a truant officer, please tell me in the commen...

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Hyperbole is Literally Giving Me Brain Aids
I understand that online news aggregates depend on tricking the maximum number of people into clicking the links as possible to drive ad revenue, but the phenomenon of the increasingly salacious hyperbolic article title is so far out of hand that it's worse...

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Hail Hail the the Oncoming of Enforced Complacency
"Police State" by Gabriel Alcarez I am SO excited to stop making decisions for myself.  Please direct me, the state. Sure, you can't agree on something as simple as not trying every second of your day to repeal the legislation you wrote and agreed upon (re:...
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