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I couldnt change the swappieness in Ubuntu 12.04 with the commands you listed.  I got a message saying I was not authorized even though I was logged in as the admin
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Try running the commands as root
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Dr B had been our doctor since the birth of our child. She was fantastic in the beginning. I no longer trust her to be our pediatrician. She began to be intrusive in child upbringing beyond her boundaries... such as the types of video games played. Look, if someone has strong opinions on guns, fine. But that is not the Doctor's call. My child is brought in for an annual check up, I don't appreciate being quizzed on the social decisions I make in their upbringing. I know it can sometimes be a grey area, but she clearly oversteps her comments and questioning. It started to feel like an interrogation. I didn't appreciate paying for one thing, and being challenged on unassociated issues. But what really did it for me was when I caught her lying. She told me the law said my child had to ride in the back with a booster seat. In Texas, for my child's age and size, they are not. When I told her that was not true, she changed her statement and said it is strongly recommended. Then she went on to say that her son in middle school is still in a booster seat in the back. Again... beyond the scope of her job to decide this for our family (or comment on). Sure it's safer. But it's safer for everyone to be in the back, not just kids. Does she ride in the back all the time? Her husband? Probably not. And if she thinks that shooting games are bad for the psychology of a child, then what about the teasing they get for being in middle school and in a booster seat? If she wants to tell the kids to eat their veggies and fruits, fine. Why ask them? Give them advise, don't conduct interrogations. Parents don't like to fight with someone they are paying. And DON'T lie! She needs to get that activist chip off the shoulder and be more service orientated. Pick up the picket signs on her own time; not on time I am paying for.
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Do not go here. The doctor is pleasant enough, but it is all about bumping you up in extra and expensive costs. The front staff is horrible when it comes to doing their job. It wasn't like this always, but it is now. We complained, but nothing was done or changed.
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I had been here once before and they seemed OK, but there were some inconsistencies. What can you do? Trying to find a mechanic without going to the dealership is full of horror stories. So I gave them some return business. They started messing around with an advertised coupon on their website, trying to get out of it. I'm glad this happened before my car keys were taken. I left.
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