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Host of The Bad Dice Podcast

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Good morning, I'm hoping I can get a bit of advice.

I have been podcasting for years using the same set-up but due to a change in circumstances we have had to do the show via Skype and 1 of the co-hosts only has an iPhone or iPad.

Can anyone recommend set-up for this. Our last episode was plagued by sound issues, i'm not sure if this was sky itself or just the iPhone mic picking up room noises.

Budget is not really an major concern, if something is good and will do the job i'm willing to put the cash in, I would rather have a good sound quality set-up,


Hi, I've been podcasting since 2009 and have been using the same method without change since 2012 when I got my macbook.

I'm starting a new weekly episode and want to do the whole thing on my iPad Pro. Getting the audio is is not a problem but after that I have a few questions.

1. Editing.
I'm currently checking out the Ferrite app. I normally use audacity and have an automatic effect that I run the sets my levels when I have 2 voices on the same track and 1 input is higer/lower than the other, this same effect sets my normalisation and compression all in one! (its been that long since I set it up I can't even remember all the things it does!!!)

Is there something similar on the ferrite app / Apple Audio Unit extensions that will do a similar job?

2. Exporting.
I've always used mp3 to export my audio. I tweek the settings in audacity to get a quality vs file size. Ferrite doesn't list MP3 as an export am I meting something here? Do i need to export to another app to then export to MP3?

3. Uploading
Can I go from Ferrite to libsyn?


I have a question about hosting.  

I am currently with GoDaddy and have been with them for about 5 years.  I have a few different wordpress installs on a delux hosting plan and recently I have found that they are down quite often.  

I have this same issue at least once a year, and each time I try to fix it and end up calling them only to be told there is no problems at the their end, but all of a sudden my sites all start working again...

I've finally had enough and want to move away but am not sure if I would be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.  

What I need is a host that is reliable and fast, with good customer service (that I can call and speak to if needed) but does not cost the earth, or does not try to sell me something way over what I actually need. 

The godaddy shared hosting should be enough, but i'm fed up with repeated down time with “Error establishing a database connection” or “500 internal error, contact the webmaster for assistance” errors across all my sites.  

Any suggestions?  

(please don't post affiliate links as that will make me wonder if it actually good advice or just trying to get a click)

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Hi All,

I could do with a hand sorting out an issue I am having with audacity.  

My exports have started coming out at 11khz sample rate.  I've checked my setting but can't find anything obvious.  My files into audacity are 44.1khz.

Any ideas?


Hi guys, I would like some advice on old episodes storage.

I have around 600 GB of old episodes (all of which are on libsyn!) and my network storage is now beginning to fill up. To make space on my NAS I'm looking to 'archive' these old (probably never to be used again) episodes.

Any suggestions? 

Hi All,

I have a Skype recording question.

I currently have a podcast where 2 co-hosts travel to my house and the 3 of us record the show. I have mixer and 3 mics, we have all the expected equipment to record with us all in 1 place and also bring in Skype guests via mix minus and also stream live.

Going forwards we might have to switch to Skype/Hangouts/FaceTime where my end I will do the recording and have the 2 cohosts call in from one location.

My question is, what's the best solution for my cohosts mics? I'm thinking another mixer and a mix minus to get a mic each still.

Would the USB connection from mixers like an Alesis Multimix USB do this job or should I use a mix minus system and seperate interface?

I have seen plenty of advice on a single remote guest but none on this type of setup.


Hi, I'm hoping I can get some help with an idea I have been building and am about ready to go ahead with.

I want to put together a directory of sorts.

Is there a wordpress plugin available that can manage this, including being able to show results on a map?


Has anyone had any experience of the Rode Procaster mic in a Samson SP1 shock mount?  Does if it?  

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